Biden’s government presumes that it managed to reunite 100 migrant families

The United States managed to reunite 100 immigrant families who had been separated upon reaching the border with Mexico during the term of former President Donald Trump, the government of his successor reported, Joe Biden, this Thursday.

“This week, our Family Reunification Detachment reunited the 100th family separated under the cruel policy of the previous administration,” Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said in a tweet.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) indicated in June that 3,913 children separated from their families had been identified on the US-Mexico border during the government of Trump.

Of these, some 1,786 minors had been returned to their families and a task force created by Biden try to unite the rest.

However, court documents put 5,500 children separated from their migrant parents.

“The reunited families will be granted humanitarian entry authorization so that they can live and work in the United States,” says Mayorkas in another tweet.

When he got to the White House, Biden officially rescinded the policy of “zero tolerance” on the southern border of the United States established by Trump and under which criminal proceedings were intensified against people detained when they entered the country seeking asylum.

Overwhelmed by criticism, his own Trump suspended the directive in June 2018, but thousands of children had already been separated from their parents, leading to heartbreaking scenes.

Biden He promised a “just and humane” immigration policy, which has encouraged the arrival of migrants in recent months. At the same time, it aims to combat the “roots” of the exodus to the north, which according to Washington are extreme poverty, violence, corruption and the impact of climate change.

“We have much more work to do. We are dedicated to finding all families and giving them the opportunity to reunite and heal. This is our mission. This is our commitment,” Mayorkas said in a third tweet.


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