The president explained that making this sector safer and more reliable could be carried out by increasing the production of some elements

Joe Biden signed a decree on Wednesday that orders the review of supply chains for essential goods such as microchips, health products or rare earths, as the shortage affects the industry in the country.

“We have to make supply chains safer and more reliable,” said the president, who also stressed that no American should, for example, be without drugs.

The president explained that the change could be carried out with “the increase in the production of some elements” in the United States, reported the AFP news agency.

The Biden administration, which hopes to reduce the country’s dependence on foreign countries, did not mention any particular state but seems to point to China, a country that produces the bulk of rare earths, an indispensable material for making technological items such as cell phones or computer screens. plasma.

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This decision is part of a list of decrees signed that seek to promote the growth of the US manufacturing industry.

Biden recalled that the shortage of personal protective equipment last year affected workers in the health sector, which had to fight on the front line against the covid-19 pandemic.

“We must ensure that the United States can overcome all the challenges it faces in this new era of pandemic, as well as in the field of cybersecurity, defense, climate change and much more,” said the president.

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“And the best way to achieve this is to protect and strengthen the competitive advantage of the United States,” he added, emphasizing that his administration was going to invest in the country.

The Biden administration also recalled that the shortage of semiconductors, microchips used in cars and computers, for example, resulted in a drop in the rate of production, which shows “to what extent it can harm American workers.”

The automakers General Motors and Ford were forced to suspend production in several of their factories due to a lack of some materials, which, according to the companies, will cost them billions of dollars.

“The decree will allow initiating a complete analysis of US supply chains and orders ministries and federal agencies to identify mechanisms to secure these chains against a wide spectrum of risks and vulnerabilities,” reads the document that details the measures taken by the administration.

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