Biden: “NATO is willing to deal with Russia’s aggression. There is no other option”

joe Biden considers that the NATO summit that begins this Wednesday in Madrid is being held at a “historic turning point” due to the covid-19 pandemic, the risk posed by the climate change and the war launched by Russia in the Ukraine. Together with Felipe VI, before meeting him at the Royal Palace, the US president gave a brief speech in which he celebrated the unprecedented unity of the members of the Atlantic Alliance before the Kremlin. “NATO is more united than ever and we are ready to stand up to Russia’s aggression and threats from her because there is no other option. It has been an unprecedented abuse since the Second World War, an invasion that we did not think could happen again and it has. And we have responded together”, he declared before admitting the “costs” for citizens. In his opinion, now it is being decided what planet we will have in 10 years and he sees a pulse “between autocracies and democracies”. “We have to win” has exclaimed.

In his speech he also thanked Spain for its collaboration in Europe, North Africa and Latin America. “The help and support have been extremely valuable,” Biden said. The US president has recalled that his country has always had “large migratory flows” and has given “an interesting statistic”: “I think that 24 out of 100 students between grades 1 and 12 (between 6 and 17 years old) speak Spanish”.

“Ally and Friend”

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For his part, Felipe VI welcomed him, stressing that the US is “a great nation” and an “ally and friend” country with which Spain maintains a “sincere” friendship. The Monarch has expressed the desire to continue to strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

Of the NATO summit, the head of state said that it is “particularly important” for the allied countries to maintain “unity and determination” in order to defend “freedom and democratic values”. After these words, both went to the Official Chamber to hold a meeting that lasted almost half an hour.

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