Biden enacts law to tighten restrictions against Huawei and ZTE

President Joe Biden enacted legislation to prevent companies such as Huawei Technologies o ZTE, which are considered security threats, receive new computer licenses from US regulators.

The Safe Equipment Law, a new effort by the United States government to crack down on Chinese telecommunications and technology companies, was approved unanimously by the Senate on October 28 and earlier this month by the House of Representatives.

The enactment comes days before a possible virtual summit between Biden and the Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Reuters reported that the meeting would be on Monday, amid tensions over trade, human rights and military activities.

The new law requires that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) no longer review or approve any application for authorization for equipment that poses an unacceptable risk to national security.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr said the commission has approved more than 3,000 applications for Huawei since 2018. The law “will help ensure that unsafe equipment from companies such as Huawei and ZTE they can no longer be inserted into the communications networks of the United States, “he added.

In March, the FCC designated five Chinese companies, including Huawei and ZTE, as a threat to national security under a 2019 law intended to protect America’s communications networks.

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