Biden calls for unity to address the pandemic and climate change at the UN

President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the United States can compete with China economically and ideologically while cooperating to address global threats such as climate change and the coronavirus, in an effort to reassure allies about US leadership.

The context: In his first speech to the United Nations (UN) as president, Biden also defended the chaotic end of almost two decades of war in Afghanistan, affirmed the support of the United States to the UN and other international associations; and promised support to the poorest countries, often disproportionately affected by climate change.

  • With a measured speech, Biden stood out mainly for its contrast with the tone used by former President Donald Trump during his speeches.
  • In this context, Biden’s new gap with his ally France stands out, whose Foreign Minister has openly questioned whether the Democratic leader really represents a change with respect to Trump.

What do they say? Challenges that require a united response include “ending this pandemic, addressing the climate crisis, managing shifts in global power dynamics, shaping the role of the world on vital issues such as trade, cyber and emerging technologies, and tackling the threat of terrorism as it stands today, ”Biden said.

  • “We have ended 20 years of conflict in Afghanistan and, as we close this era of endless war, we are opening an era of diplomacy,” he added.

Main source of the news: The Washington Post.

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