Biden Administration takes momentum to definitively end the “Remain in Mexico” policy

MIGRATION. Thousands of migrants seek new and better opportunities outside their country / EFE

On Wednesday night, the Department of Homeland Security said that it hopes to issue a new memorandum in the coming weeks in which it ends the immigration policy known as “Remain in Mexico” and that was created during the Trump administration.

Because it is important?: The announcement points to a new attempt by the Joe Biden government to suppress the controversial policy that forces asylum seekers from Central America and Mexico to wait in Aztec territory for the advancement of their immigration process.

  • This time, the Democrat’s administration hopes to overcome last August’s ruling, when the Supreme Court ordered the program to be reinstated.
  • The policy was inactive for more than a year; however, the court upheld the decision of a federal judge in Texas on the matter.

What do they say?: “(The memorandum seeks) to address the concerns raised by the courts with respect to the foregoing (…) Meanwhile, the Department, in collaboration with the State Department, participates in ongoing high-level diplomatic conversations with Mexico,” the Department noted.

  • In August, once the Supreme Court’s decision was known, the Biden government indicated that such a policy could threaten diplomatic relations with Mexico.
  • Back then, the Department of Homeland Security promised it would challenge the order sooner rather than later.

Main source of the news: POLITICO

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