The U.S. government Tuesday outlined a plan to address securityand rejected criticism that he is not ready for a late-May deadline to lift Covid-19 restrictions that have blocked asylum seekers and other migrants at the border with Mexico.

Although the end of the restrictions was questioned this week by a federal court, the government of the Democratic president Joe Biden said he continued to brace for an increase in the already historic number of border crossings between United States and Mexico.

Republicans and some Democrats have lashed out at Biden’s decision to end the pandemic-era order, known as title 42saying that the Government lacks a proper plan.

The US government said it had been preparing to end the measure since the fall of last year. Many of the elements of a six-point plan unveiled Tuesday had been announced before, but the outline shows ongoing efforts, an official who did not want to be identified told reporters.

The plan focuses on:

  1. Increased resources on the border.
  2. Accelerating the processing of migrants.
  3. Increased use of fast-track deportations.
  4. Increased capacity of support groups.
  5. Pursuit of smugglers.
  6. Search for regional cooperation to deal with the higher levels of migration.

With the midterm elections on November 8 approaching, Republicans have fiercely criticized Biden for reversing the restrictive policies of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

The number of migrants detained in the border it shot up to 1.7 million last year and is set to rise, though officials say many of them are repeat offenders.

The United States border authorities they encountered an average of 7,800 migrants a day at the border with Mexico in the past three weeks, up from a historical average of 1,600 a day between 2014 and 2019, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said in the plan. .



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