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  • Lorenzo Méndez reveals when Esteban Loaiza will be released from prison
  • The singer took the opportunity and said that he is not currently dating anyone
  • Followers of Wake up America they called him “cuckold”

The singer and ex-partner of Chiquis Rivera, Lorenzo Méndez, exclusively reveals that the baseball player and ex-husband of the late Jenni Rivera, Esteban Loaiza, will soon be released from jail after three years of serving a sentence.

It was on February 9, 2018 when former baseball star Esteban Loaiza had been convicted on a charge of possessing 20 kilograms of cocaine, with the intention of distributing it.

After serving his three-year sentence, the judge gave him five years of probation and he would be deported to Mexico once his sentence was completed.

VIDEO: Instagram. Wake up America

Given this, it was just a few hours ago when the band singer and ex-partner of Chiqui Rivera, Lorenzo Méndez would confirm exclusively for the program Wake up America that the player is about to get out of jail.

Through a video published by the official account of the program, we were able to observe how Lorenzo Méndez was intercepted by reporters when he left his presentation, where the composer also spoke about his ex-partner Chiquis Rivera.

In the clip we see how he is questioned about his friend Esteban Loaiza, also confirming that he had spoken with him just a few days ago: “I spoke with him last week, it seems that he comes out in the month of August, although I don’t really know what exact day , but it will come out this August ”.

Jenni Rivera

PHOTO: Instagram. @ loaiza2121

It should be remembered that Esteban Loaiza, who supposedly also had a love relationship with Chiquis Rivera, already has plans for when he is released from jail and is in Mexico, and that is that the baseball player will work with young people and will be a coach.

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Lorenzo Méndez also spoke of the divorce process in which he is with Chiquis Rivera, confirming that it was something very complicated for him, giving him a few words of passage. Do you want to know what he said? Read on… You can see the video of Lorenzo talking about Esteban Loaiza’s early release from prison here.

In the interview where Lorenzo Méndez confirmed that the former baseball player, Esteban Loaiza will be released from prison after three years in prison for possession of drugs, the singer and ex-partner of Chiquis Rivera also spoke of the divorce process in which he is currently with the Jenni’s daughter.

“Obviously I believe that all divorces are bad, no one gets married to get divorced but nothing is in God’s hands, I’m fine.”

Later, Lorenzo Méndez said that he does not mind being asked about her, since they lasted a long time together and it is quite logical that they do so.

Jenni Rivera

VIDEO: Instagram. Wake up America

“It was 4 years of history, so I think it would be illogical for them not to ask me about her, happy because she did well in the Lo Nuestro AwardsMay God bless you always ”confessed the interpreter.

Lorenzo also took advantage of the space and confirmed that he is not currently dating anyone as much was said lately and that he does not plan to do it in a long time:

PHOTO: Instagram. @chizofan_

“Every woman who sees her with me will think that I’m already with her, but I sincerely tell them that my heart is not ready, I am focused on my tour that begins today and nothing else,” confessed Lorenzo Méndez in an interview after confirming that Esteban Loaiza will soon be released from jail.

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Given these statements by Lorenzo Méndez where he spoke of Chiquis Rivera and confirmed that Esteban Loaiza, Jenni Rivera’s former partner will soon be released from jail, various comments flooded the publication, where users called Lorenzo “cuckold.”

One user wrote: “Other than cuckold, are you a spokesperson now? HAHAHA, you interviewing pure Naca people ”.

To which another responds defending the singer: “So you can see that Lorenzo is better informed than you, the press, even if he is not a spokesman.”

VIDEO: Instagram. Wake up America

“Soon we will know the truth of the Rivera when Esteban Loaiza writes his book” commented another user, now leaving against the family of Chiquis and Jenni Rivera.

“He doesn’t even know how to sing that one”, “Another bandaged HAHA”, “Very good Lorenzo, you’re exceptional”, “HAHAJ horny” They were one of the many comments that could be read in the video where Lorenzo Méndez confirms that Esteban will be out in August Loaiza from jail.

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