Bellvitge: the neighborhood of L’Hospitalet with more spaces less designed for women

Bellvitgeone of the most populated neighborhoods of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat with 24,678 inhabitantsis the demarcation of the second city with more inhabitants of Catalonia that has more Public spaces that worry or worry the public, especially those womenin terms of urban design and the perception of insecurity, among other reasons -conservation, accessibility, lighting- that make places “unresolved” from a gender perspective.

This is how a new local study, prepared by the City Hall of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat together with Urban Contour Foundation, that has been presented this week with the aim of constituting a starting point for future urban policies local, for example remodeling, community mediation or social revitalization.

The work, which considers “unresolved spaces” to be “those that do not respond to the needs of the population”, emphasizes the “unsafety” potential of the explored points, especially for the womenthrough the analysis of different indicators, from lack of use to excessive use, passing through an inaccessible design, among others.

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Now, what is the social radiography of the studio? In THE NEWSPAPER L’Hospitalet we explain and contextualize it through five interpretive keys:

Bellvitge is the neighborhood with the most “unresolved” spaces

According to the study, Bellvitge is the neighborhood of L’Hospitalet –here the neighborhoods of the municipality can be consulted – with more public spaces “unresolved” in terms of gender perspective. Specifically, there are 17 locations indicated in the neighborhood, among which are the gardens d’Hipàtia d’Alexandriathe park Miriam Ales or the bus stop Av. Gran Via – Bellvitge Hospital. In those places, the main indicator to include it in the study is that of “comfort“, a category that includes the securitythe habitability and the visual comfort (the state of conservation) of the places.

Florida-Les Planes and Sanfeliu-Centre-Sant Josep, lagging behind

The zones made up of the neighborhoods Florida-Les Planes and of Sanfeliu-Centre-Sant Josep are the two local demarcations that follow Bellvitgealso with 17 “unresolved” spaces each, as the locations with the most controversial spaces in terms of gender perspective. Among the specific locations mentioned are the Plaza de la Llibertat, Plaza de Granada or the Parc de Les Planes car park in the first of the two zones, and “indeterminate spaces” between the avenue Ventura Gassol with Vilafranca avenuein Comptal City or between parral street and street River of the Creu.

The high perception of insecurity when walking, double in women

The locations and indicators explored in the study refer, among others, to the possible feeling of insecurity of citizens when passing through the aforementioned enclaves. In this sense, it is important to bear in mind that, while the 8.2% of men has a high perception of insecurity or very high when moving on foot, the percentage of women who feel high or very highly insecure when walking is 15.8%, practically double, according to this report December 2020 by the Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies of Barcelona (IERMB). Even so, according to 2019 data from the IERMB itself, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat is far from being the large metropolitan municipality in which the largest population values ​​with less than 5 points, on a scale of 0 (no security) to 10 (very secure). ), the safety of their neighborhood, thus occupying the fifth position in the classification behind Badalona, ​​Barcelona, ​​Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Sant Cugat del Vallès.

Crimes against sexual freedom grew in L’Hospitalet in 2021

In strictly criminal terms, and according to the latest data from the crime balance of the Ministry of the Interior relative to the fourth quarter of last year, crimes against sexual freedom increased a 26.1% from 2020 to 2021, accounting for six penetrative sexual assault more than the previous year. This upward trend, with an evident interpretation of gender, was generalized in the main metropolitan cities, such as Barcelona (+41.5%), Badalona (+53.4%), Santa Coloma de Gramenet (+248%), Cornella (+9.4%), Viladecans (+75%) or Castelldefels (+100%).

Florida, where vulnerability and “unresolved” spaces converge

Among the neighborhoods with a high rate of “unresolved” spaces cited by the report, the demarcation Florida-Les Planes stands out because both neighborhoods are, according to an IERMB study on urban vulnerabilitytwo of the three Metropolitan Statistical Areas more vulnerable, in terms of the Barcelona metropolitan area, which L’Hospitalet has, in addition to Pubilla Cases. This index focuses on three dimensions of vulnerability: social, residential and effects of urban vulnerability, which are based on indicators such as the percentage of low income population, residential density or median rental price.

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