Bell joins Quebecor and TekSavvy to oppose Rogers-Shaw merger

Bell has reportedly joined the chorus of voices relinquishing the acquisition of Shaw Communications, the telecommunications giant Rogers, according to a document obtained by The balloon and the mail.

At the presentation, which was presented to the Canadian Radio, Television and Telecommunications Commission, Bell allegedly alleges that the acquisition would give Rogers control of almost half of the country’s English television distribution market, including cable, satellite and Internet.

Announced in March 2021, the Rogers / Shaw merger is valued at $ 26 billion, including debt, and is currently under review by the Canadian Competition Bureau.

While the deal is now signed, the purchase has yet to be approved by federal regulators, a task that has proven difficult as both telecom operators and industry experts warn that the acquisition will nullify competition and generate higher prices. high for consumers.

Analysts are suggesting the deal could be allowed to go through if Rogers evens the balance by ditching the wireless properties of Shaw, Freedom Mobile and Shaw Mobile.

Bell’s official stance against the merger is interesting, given that the company made, and later withdrew, its own offer to buy Shaw before Rogers closed the deal.

The public hearing for the Rogers / Shaw acquisition is scheduled for November 22, 2021.

Source: The balloon and the mail

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