Belgium to close cinemas and theaters to contain Ómicron

Cinemas, performance halls and other entertainment venues will close from Sunday in Belgium in order to contain the advance of the variant Omicron coronavirus, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced on Wednesday.

The cafes and restaurants, which feared additional restrictions, will be able to remain open until 11 at night during the Christmas and New Year’s festivities, as it has been in force since the beginning of December.

“We have to be more careful than ever in this period where there are many uncertainties,” De Croo said during a press conference.

Museums are not affected by these new measures.

According to the prime minister, while overall Covid-19 infections were down 60% from three weeks ago, it is worrying that three out of ten positive tests are now for the variant. Omicron.

De Croo noted that so far almost 40% of adults in Belgium had received the booster shots.


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