Belgian justice rejects the delivery of Valtònyc to Spain

The Court of Appeal from Ghent rejected on Tuesday the delivery to Spain of the rapper Josep Miquel Arenas, alias Valtònyc, for a crime of threats, after having already ruled out the crimes of insults to the Crown and glorification of terrorism for which the Spanish justice also demands.

“There is no extradition for any of the three cases,” lawyer Simon Bekaert told the press after hearing the sentence, which confirms the decision in the first instance.

Possible recourse

The Prosecutor’s Office could, however, appeal the opinion on appeal as a last resort.

Criticism of Omnium

In an interview in Catalunya Ràdio after knowing the decision of the Belgian court, Valtònyc has regretted that he can travel in Europe but I can’t go back to his homeland, Mallorca. He has also censured the role of entities such as Òmnium, from whom he has demanded greater commitment:

The case has been delayed for more than a year in the second instance and, in this time, the Ghent judge raised the Belgian Constitutional Court the case of the attacks on the King, alleging the Belgian law of 1847 that protects the figure of the monarch and that the high court declared unconstitutional considering that it collides with freedom of expression and “does not satisfy an urgent social need and is disproportionate to the objective to protect the reputation of the person of the King. “

Since June 2018

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This ruling was celebrated as a triumph by Valtonyc’s attorneys, who They considered it an accolade to their case and they pointed out that their situation may end up promoting legal changes in the Belgian legal system.

The delivery of the rapper, who fled Spain in June 2018, was already rejected in the first instance. Whatever the decision, both the Prosecutor’s Office and the defense can appeal the sentence and exhaust the legal means by going to the Court of Cassation, that he would study formal questions during the judicial process without going into the fund.

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