Belén Cebrián, teacher of journalists, died. Daughter of a great journalist of the regime, Vicente Cebrián, who always maintained his liberal essence, and his joy of being a journalist, over the obligations of that political era. She and her sister, among others of her numerous brothers, of Juan Luis Cebrian the first director of ‘El País’, now a columnist and honorary president of the newspaper that he helped found.

Bethlehem was a important figure of economic journalism, with the proper authority of someone who knows what the elements of journalism are. And as such he later served, for five years, in front of the School of Journalism. She helped, she instructed, she fulfilled the tasks of a teacher as if she herself were learning with the students.

All of them, and their colleagues from the editorial office of the newspaper, directed him, when the bad news was known, phrases of gratitude and praise which, in the ambit of friendship, also received from many of which we learned from her.

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This apprenticeship had as its axis the trade, which she developed with a professionalism that went beyond the rigor of style books to delve into the obligations of verification and verification as if he were applying, to the teaching of journalism, a radically human record. For her, the limits of journalism were also those of the moral demands that not only concern journalists but any individual. She was demanding in the newsroom, she was in the field of teaching, but, as one of her colleagues said yesterday, when it came to giving advice or the anger that corresponded to mistakes, she was an understanding colleague, whose tenderness was also the place where all the praise that his professional life and human quality have deserved came together.

He was 66 years old, he suffered from an illness that could not completely interrupt his desire to continue teaching, and he did so even when he was already out of the classroom or the newspaper, because he had the most precious value of the trade to which he dedicated his life: know how to listen Her daughter Belén Domínguez Cebrián, editor of Internacional in the newspaper that belonged to her mother and uncle, follows the saga, and yesterday she was comforted in mourning by a long representation of colleagues from the generations of both journalists.

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