• For the first time, a purple member of the Government raises the tone after the ‘Catalangate’

  • The minister also accuses the PSOE of tensing the coalition for its defense of the monarchy

It has been a tough week for the coalition government. The ‘Catalangate’ scandal has put an Executive on the ropes that, at more than one moment, has seen the parliamentary majority in danger to approve the royal decree law with the anti-crisis measures. And the frictions are not only from doors to the outside. Within the coalition there have also been criticisms. The Minister of Social Rights and leader of Podemos, Ione Belarracriticized this Friday that Margaret Oaks justify the espionage and has demanded responsibilities.

No one can, nor should, justify espionage for political reasons. And as the days go by, it is already a matter of basic democratic hygiene that the necessary political responsibilities are assumed. We cannot wait any longer”, said the general secretary of Podemos in her opening speech at the State Citizen Council Of the information. It is the first time that the purple leader so clearly links the need to assume responsibilities with the Minister of Defense. Party sources stress that it should be the head of espionage who resigns.

In this sense, he has emphasized that the Executive should be “the main interested in dispelling any shadow of doubt about the State’s actions” in espionage to the sovereignist world. The ERC’s rejection of the royal decree law and the anger of the rest of the pro-independence forces is due to the “insufficient” gestures of the Executive to give explanations. “In the coming weeks the coalition government has to re-mark the pace of the legislaturehas to be urgently reorganized and reestablish trust with the majority of the investiture”, the purple minister has underlined.

Other tensions

In addition, this week, among all the tension generated with the investiture partners, an event occurred that has distanced the PSOE and United We Can a little further. The socialist wing of the Government agreed with the Royal House on a royal decree to give legal coverage and more transparency to the functioning of the Head of State. Belarra has accused Pedro Sanchez to “tighten” his alliance with this gesture that he did not inform the purples.

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“The coalition is tense and put at risk when people have the feeling that the accelerator is being stepped on to reach agreements with the Royal House and with the PP for a makeup operation of the Monarchy that usurps the debate in Congress and seeks to cover up the successive and incessant scandals about the illegal actions of the king emeritus”, he denounced.

In addition to criticizing the royal decree approved on Tuesday by which the Court of Accounts will audit the accounts of the Royal House, Belarra has reproached the PSOE for being stepping on the “brake” with laws like LGBTI and Trans rightsthe animal protection law or family law, all of them promoted by the Ministries of United We Can. “It is essential to set the political priorities that are expected of a progressive government and act with determination and unity,” S├ínchez warned.


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