Before the legislative elections of 2022, the majority are trying to structure themselves

Before his departure from the Elysee Palace in February 2020, Emmanuel Macron’s special advisor and linchpin of En Marche !, Philippe Grangeon, insisted, in his last notes, on the need to structure the presidential majority. Less to keep “macronism” alive than to perpetuate the overcoming of the right-left divide in the French political field. It was then a question, for many months, of a ” commune house “ to be built with the two “historical” components of the presidential majority, the electoral machine En Marche !, which has become La République en Marche (LRM), and the Democratic Movement (MoDem), led by François Bayrou. With one ambition: enlargement.

Seven months from the 2022 presidential election and nine months from the legislative elections, the presidential majority, with 348 deputies, is once again trying to go beyond its own incantations. In the short term, to ensure the re-election of Emmanuel Macron, in the long term to ensure his survival, once his tutelary figure is reelected or defeated in 2022. “My conviction, shared for a long time with François Bayrou, is that we will have to build a large French Democratic Party between now and the legislative elections”, argued the MEP (LRM) Stéphane Séjourné, in an interview at Sunday newspaper published on September 5, after the call of the boss of the centrist party, the day before in Le Figaro.

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“Cooperative”, “Confederation”, ” Democratic Party “… since then, expressions have multiplied to qualify the project as “Gathering” in preparation for this last political re-entry of the five-year term. Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 September, in Guidel (Morbihan), François Bayrou plans to clarify his vision, “His obsession”, as those close to her call it, for the creation of a central political force. Richard Ferrand, President of the National Assembly, is also in the process of setting up this new majority architecture. “This common house must be built around a project but that does not mean that everyone must step aside”, considers the LRM deputy of the Channel Stéphane Travert. Concerned about preserving their political identities, both the Modem and LRM have long held back any formalization of the 2017 electoral alliance.

New components

This umpteenth appeal leaves certain “walkers” wary who would like their movement to strive more, at the start of the campaign, to promote the results of the five-year term, if not to contribute to a mobilizing story for 2022. “Our media existence cannot be reduced to our choice to remain a movement or become a party. People don’t care ”, declares a head of the LRM group, annoyed.

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