Before reactivation, aerospace companies compete for personnel in Querétaro

Queretaro, Qro. Faced with the recovery process that the local aerospace industry is going through, companies in the sector have begun to compete for personnel, due to the lack of profiles with experience in this activity.

This situation has led companies to offer raises of 30, 50 and even 100% in perception salary of some profiles, in order to attract talent, explained the president of the Querétaro Aerocluster, Juan Carlos Corral Martin.

“There are people who move from one company to another for 30, 50 or 100% more (salary). Currently in Querétaro there are people who move from one company to another: doubling their salary. This is going to be inflationary,” she exposed.

Before the pandemic, he explained, the sector employed about 10,000 people in the state, of which it lost 20% (2,000) due to the impact that the health contingency had on the sector; the gaps that were left are the jobs that are currently sought to be filled.

“We are beginning to recover it in important figures (employment), the reality is that it is bringing competition between companies to attract talent, taking people from some companies to others. Unfortunately, it is a situation in which we cannot do anything, we cannot reach agreements because they are illegal”, he explained.

In this context, he stressed that the main beneficiary is the worker who can change jobs and opt for the most attractive salary offer.

However, he specified that in the long term it will be a problem for the industry and for the competitiveness of Querétaro, in case the wage increases that occur in the entity do not have the same upward trend in the rest of the world.

“There is going to be a beneficiary of all this war: the people, they are going to get better salaries. In a war for salaries and to attract talent, the beneficiary will be the employee, but there is a problem that if these salaries grow at a rate much higher than the rest of the world, Querétaro will lose competitiveness in the future”, he declared.

Engineering profiles, he explained, are the workers that are most in dispute among companies in the aerospace industry; however, he pointed out, there are branches such as the automotive and information technology industries that are also absorbing personnel who used to work in the aerospace industry.

Even though Querétaro has various higher education institutions that form profiles for this industry, the problem is focused on finding workers with experience in the sector, he explained.

“Companies also need people with experience, not just graduates, we don’t have too many of those people with experience and then we compete with each other and if they are not on the street unemployed, they are not (the workers), we have to take them away from the companies.” companies, we fight to bring them, it is what is happening and wages are rising”, he added.

The competition for talent is not only a local problem, but it occurs worldwide; even companies based in the United States are attracting Mexican personnel, he mentioned.

economic perception

The president of the cluster stated that the fight between the companies should not only be to increase the economic perception of their workers, but also to bet on the emotional salary, even as a measure to inhibit turnover.

After the loss of jobs in the state’s aerospace industry, it is estimated that between the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, the local sector will resume the level of employment that it generated in 2019, before the pandemic, according to estimates from the Aerocluster.

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