BC School Sports delays the start of the volleyball provinces and the start of the basketball season due to travel problems

The BC School Sports board of directors announced Wednesday night that they would postpone the seven volleyball championships for a week, delaying them from December 8-11. The board made the decision “recognizing that the province is still dealing with the effects of severe weather and that it is currently in a state of emergency,” according to a BCSS statement.

The BCSS hopes that the overtime will allow the championships to unfold in “their traditional format.” The board will meet again on Monday to re-evaluate the championships and “consider any final changes.”

Also, the BCSS has delayed the start of the winter season – which includes basketball – from next Monday to next Wednesday.

“This means that the winter recreational sports season cannot participate in inter-school competition / games until this date,” the statement continued.

The BCSS will re-evaluate that starting Monday.

The soccer playoffs, which had already moved from a provincial to a regional format, are scheduled to continue this weekend.


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