A Mission, BC restaurant owner says he is being attacked and harassed online simply for following the law.

Mike Bruic says he built the Pitmasters Real Wood Pit BBQ from scratch and opened it just three months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Bruic, a veteran, said they are just beginning to recover, but have been doing everything that has been asked of them: limited seating, mask mandates, and asking people to show proof of vaccination after Sept. 13.

He said that most of the community has been very supportive.

Bruic recently responded to a comment on his Facebook page about the need to see proof of vaccination for clients, saying he would do what the law tells them to do.

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“It was like hitting a bee’s nest,” he said. “They come out of the carpentry. Death threats, all these kinds of things. “

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More concerns about BC vaccination passport application

More concerns about BC vaccination passport application

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Bruic said that since then, a group of people have been harassing him online, calling the restaurant and even ordering takeout and never coming to pick it up.

“It got out of context, it’s like these anti-vaccines were a group of kids in a playground,” he said.

He would like to see more support from the provincial government.

“I am very happy with the passport issue, but you have to do something to protect the companies,” he said.

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“They have nothing to protect me. Anti-vaccines are attacking me on social media, in my Google reviews and all of this. They have armed it.

“And some of these people, they live in Montreal, Edmonton, Toronto, they are from all over the country, so they try to make it look like they are a big group of people, which they are not.”

He thinks that if they all worked together they could put the pandemic behind them much sooner.

“If we have to call the RCMP, we will,” he said.

Prime Minister John Horgan said last week that companies should call the police if they are faced with potential customers who refuse to comply with the province’s incoming COVID-19 vaccine passport system.

Horgan made the comments Friday, amid vocal opposition from some British Columbia opposing the new measure.

Under the BC program, individuals will need to show that they have received at least one dose of the vaccine by September 13 and two doses by October 24, to access a variety of non-essential services, including restaurants, movie theaters, and gyms. .

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BC Companies Vow to Defy Government Vaccine Passport Rules

BC Companies Vow to Defy Government Vaccine Passport Rules

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Bruic said he is concerned that his business will be attacked online for this policy.

He said if someone doesn’t want to get vaccinated, that’s fine, but they can’t complain.

“I am not going to enforce the law, I am going to comply with the law and I do not hesitate to call the RCMP to enforce the law,” he said.

“It is like a driver. If you want to drive a car, you need a driver’s license. If you don’t want to get a license, take a bus. “

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