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A proposed nationwide freeze on firearm sales in Canada has some British Colombians scrambling to get hold of one while they can.

On Monday, the federal government introduced legislation that would stop the purchase, sale, import and transfer of firearms in the country. The restrictions are part of Bill C-21 which is expected to be in full force this fall and, since the pending law was announced, BC gun store owners say they have seen an increase in sales.

“There are a lot of people out there who, as soon as they announce new gun control measures, they all want to go in and buy a gun,” said Dan Shemley, a store manager for Great North Precision Canada, which sells firearms in Kelowna, BC.

Currently, to purchase a firearm in Canada, a person must have a restricted firearms license.

Shemley, speaking in south sunriseHe said he estimates firearms sales make up about 10 to 15 percent of the store’s business, but pending legislation has increased demand and the store is currently “chaotic” with licensed firearms operators competing to get what’s left in stock.

He says the store had sold all the guns it had by noon on Tuesday.

south sunrise Producers called three other stores that sell guns in the Kelowna area this week and all said they were extremely busy.

On Tuesday, a line of customers had formed on the street outside Reliable Gun, a firearms store in Vancouver, BC Reliable Gun’s website now has a notice posted saying the store is closed until further notice while the staff “work tirelessly to get all current orders”. processed.”

CBC News contacted Reliable Gun but received no response.

People can be seen lining up outside Reliable Gun on Fraser Street in Vancouver, BC on Tuesday, May 31, 2022. (Dan Burritt/CBC News)

There are no weapons left to buy

Aman Sandhu is a restricted firearms license holder living in Dawson Creek, BC, and is now looking to purchase a firearm after hearing that others like him were doing it while they could.

He said he couldn’t find one in his community to buy.

“All the local shooters here are terrified and feel like they’re being taken away from a great right they had,” said Sandhu, who is a member of the Dawson Creek Sportsman’s Club.

Both Sandhu and Shemley criticize the pending ban, saying it is not an effective way to combat gun violence because of how strict regulations are for buyers in this country.

Shemley said Canadian gun owners are not the problem, they are being punished to prevent crimes by criminals.

“The guy who’s going to walk in and rob the bank with a gun, that guy is not going to have a registered gun. He’s not going to have a license. He’s not going to call the firearms bureau and say, ‘Hey guys. . , I’m going to take my gun to the bank to rob it, can I get a piece of paper that says it’s okay?'” Shemley said.

A limited number of people would be exempt from firearm restrictions under the new legislation, including elite sports shooters and those with authorization to carryas carriers of valuable goods, senior government officials said at a briefing.

LISTEN | The manager of a gun store is in a hurry to buy guns

south sunrise10:40New rules coming from the federal government have some people rushing to buy more guns. A Kelowna gun store manager explains why.

New rules coming from the federal government have some people rushing to buy more guns. A Kelowna gun store manager explains why.


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