BC assault victim tried to signal to drivers using sign for domestic violence while held against her will: police

New Westminster, BC, police are investigating an assault that included a woman being allegedly held against her will in a moving vehicle late last month.

Police said it’s believed the incident happened on March 23 between 1 am and 3:30 am Investigators said in a news release Thursday the passenger, who was also the victim of an alleged assault, “was actively trying to exit the vehicle.”

Police said the victim tried to get the attention of other motorists by using hand signals and calling out for help. She’s been described by investigators as wearing a red sweatshirt, black jacket and blue jeans at the time. She also has short, dark hair, police said.

New Westminster police said the victim was “using the hand symbol that communications domestic violence.” That hand signal involves putting one hand up, palm facing outwards, then tucking the thumb in and curling the fingers down over it into a fist.

“If you were driving in the early morning hours of March 23, and you witnessed a woman in a gray Toyota Highlander that appeared to need help, please call our tip line,” said Sgt. Sanjay Kumar in a news release.

Police said they believe the driver of that car may have traveled through several Metro Vancouver cities, including New Westminster and Burnaby. It’s believed they stopped “for a period of time” near Burnaby Hospital.

While a suspect has already been arrested, police are hoping witnesses will come forward with more information by calling 604-529-2430.

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