Bavaria advocates playing the Bayern-Barça Champions League behind closed doors

The state prime minister of Baviera, Markus Söder, has the will to close the football games and prohibit the entry of fans before the rebound of the pandemic of coronavirus, so the duel of Champions League between Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona On December 8, it would be held behind closed doors.

Söder, speaking to Bavarian radio on Tuesday, said that even if the federal and state governments cannot agree on a unified approach, as coronavirus cases rise in Germany, he would advocate closing stadiums.

“It does not make sense in the foreseeable future to allow the entrance of spectators. If that does not work at the federal level, we would do it only for Bavaria,” said the prime minister.

In Saxony, where the RB Leipzig, the entry of followers is already prohibited again, as it was throughout Germany during the first and second waves of the pandemic.

Barça is gambling its future in the Champions League in the Munich match. Although Bayern is not at stake as they are already classified in first place for the round of 16, the Barcelona team needs to win, or achieve a better result than Benfica, who face Dinamo Kiev at home, last in the group and with nothing to do now.

Duel against Dortmund

Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich will face Borussia Dortmund in a direct duel for the lead on Saturday, but the match will be in Dortmund, where North Rhine-Westphalia politicians are also mulling the situation.

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However, coronavirus cases are higher in southern Bavaria than in the northwestern state. Since last Wednesday, Bavarian football stadiums like Bayern’s have been subject to a maximum occupancy limit of 25 percent. Only vaccinated or recovered fans could access, and with a negative test.

The Acting Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the designated successor Olaf Scholz they plan to discuss the crisis with state prime ministers by phone later Tuesday.

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