Baseball and Green Nightmare

During the game in which León, my favorite team, went to the semifinals in the league, I spent it eating tasty snacks from the Bajío, not excluding the “guacamayas” and, to top it off, a pleasant chicken with enchiladas in the traditional “elbow” style. ”Of the shoemaker city.

The game ended after ten at night. It was cold. I put on winter gloves and socks. I settled back in my recliner. Hungry for food, an inexorable drowsiness invaded me. Suddenly I was dressed in green, but not the emerald green that is the color of my team. But a darker shade of green: military green. This is how all of us who were in a meeting dressed. The country had been militarized. Citizens, without exception, had to wear our hair cut short. Obviously, the totally bald were exempted from this obligation. No one could wear a beard, it was only allowed to grow a mustache, as long as it was the closest thing to that of General Luis Cresencio Sandoval who ruled the Republic during the innings in which he, still, Chief Executive, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, did not it was his turn to pitch or bat. For this reason, General Sandoval resigned from the Secretary of Defense to assume the political figure called: President-designate.

Three factors came together to reach this state of affairs, one: the success obtained in 2022, by the first president López Obrador in the revocation of his mandate, an event from which the idea of ​​proposing another popular consultation arose, which of course was won. by the president and his loyalists, so that the 4T went to extrainnings; that is to say, the AMLO government remained as long as the so-called conservatives beat the self-proclaimed liberals; or the right will beat the left, or vice versa, a baseball game, whose tiebreaker home run would be the imprisonment of one of the ex-presidents of the 21st century. By the way, in that baseball contest, by presidential decree, the theft of bases was prohibited.

The second cause was that the Mexican soccer team lost in the first round of the Qatar 2022 World Championship, where they won the playoff, on penalties, to New Zealand. The disappointment of the fans was such that a mob destroyed the building of the Mexican Soccer Federation. The National Sports Federation was established; Alfredo Harp Helú was in charge of it; baseball was instituted as the national sport. The fervor for this sport spread in such a way that the policy of “hugs, no shots”, was changed to “no shots, no hugs: hits.” The internarco league was founded where the cartels settle their rivalries through the ball game.

The third circumstance that had repercussions and disrupted national life was the effective fulfillment and punctual delivery by the Army of the most important works and strategic projects of the six-year term, this is the Felipe Ángeles Airport; the Mayan Train; the Trans-isthmian railway; and the conversion of the Azteca Stadium into a baseball park.

The middle class Colonia del Valle changed its name, now it is known as Colonia Beto Ávila. My house is on Avenida Fernando Valenzuela. UNAM’s motto “my spirit will speak through my race” was modified by a paraphrase of a phrase by Yogi Berra: “degrees don’t end until they’re finished.”

Without knowing what I’m doing there, I find myself in the roundabout where the monument to Columbus stood for many years, which was intended to be replaced by that of Las Mujeres que Luchan, where at this moment the statue to the Unknown Player is going to be inaugurated. Agitated, awake. I realize I had a nightmare. Everything around me is normal, except for one detail: on my left hand the woolen glove with which I sheltered it was replaced by a Newman glove. Will I be playing first base?

Manuel Ajenjo

Writer and television scriptwriter

The Privilege of Opinion

Mexican television scriptwriter. Known for having made the scripts for programs such as Salad de Locos, La carabina de Ambrosio, La Güereja and something else, El privilegio de command, among others.

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