Barrio Orgullo contra soberbia de capital, by Sergi Sol

When Rufián’s two with Mariano Rajoy in the Kitchen, the president revolves around giving his book a refrain between the two. Rufián sacks the colors to Rajoy tras negar este sentencia alguna contra el PP por manejar una caja B. Esto es, dinero turbio.

Rajoy the quizo face his act of insolence with a gesture. Pero the Republican leader in Madrid recently rebuilt the book. I was surprised and asked Gabriel -you can tutear- the motive of the desaire, lie of pillars to the president in false -like the pill Alsina in Onda Cero with the ‘¿y la europea?’. The Santako Foundation responded: “with this people can not float”. And the continuation, added: “this is because culturally you are Spanish like them. But you are also from a barrel humile”.

Rufián has its code. And do not respond to the same pattern as the one of Rupit’s type. The Fondo, sociologically, appears infinitely more in Vallecas. Although Rayo does not have any peripheral followers, such as Rufián.

For that, when Pedro Sánchez presented a speech to Rufián in account of the bentita salud of the working class, Rufián no traga ni va a tragar. On his loincloths, his thomas or his days, he ruined Rufián’s corrections in the barricade of Santako, donde si te achantas te pierden el respeto.

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In Rufián, with the ‘to se toca ni una coma’ le están tocando lo que no suena. Ya pueden chillar UGT y CCOO, como si le chulea la patronal. O la FAES. There is sientan and dialogue with el or the permission for the lesser debatis sus enmiendas o no se va humillar, por mucho le sacudan con el puño en alto.

Rufián won the elections without a single vote. The 13 deputies are the ones who are likely to blame Sanchez’s investment or the approval of the presidents and so many others. Is habló, se debatió y se llegó a acuerdos más just razonables. For now, Gabriel asks, pretending that companies are more than, for more inwardly, restraining that no one has the right to consume anything from anything? ERufián’s organ tops with Sanchez’s sobrietyHowever, it should not be forgotten that this is the capital that, according to Dante, we will tolerate and we will lose.

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