The Barrie British Club hosted an event Tuesday to honor Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year reign, making her the first British monarch ever to reach the milestone.

Those in attendance dressed in red, white, and blue, listened to proclamations, participated in trivia, and wrote letters to the Queen.

Barrie’s Acting Mayor Barry Ward said it’s no surprise that the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is meaningful to residents.

“Barrie, obviously, has very close connections to England. We’re named after a British naval officer, Sir Robert Barrie. We have a twin city in Harrowgate, where Sir Robert Barrie is buried. We certainly have a lot of citizens of British ancestry in Barrie, so it’s a natural thing to celebrate.”

The club celebrates the Queen each year, but members said this year is extra special because it’s the 70th anniversary.

Many could even recall watching her become Queen all those years ago.

“Next Tuesday is Sir Robert Barrie day in Barrie when we’re raising the flag in declarance of Robert Barrie day in the city of Barrie,” Ward noted.

Meridian Square will be lit up in purple, the official color of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, to honor her 70-years on the throne.

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