Barcelona’s Tibidabo reopens its attractions this Saturday without restrictions beyond the mask

  • The facility, which celebrates 20 years of public management, will have the usual hours before the pandemic and a capacity of 100%

Tibidabo amusement park reopen this saturday and only the mask and the hydroalcoholic gel ready to put on when entering and leaving the attractions will remind park visitors that these two years have experienced a pandemic.

The city park intends to return to normal, that is, to life prior to the coronavirus, and it does so on the 20th anniversary of its public management. The capacity will be 100% and the schedules, the usual ones. The park will open at 11.00 and at 12.00 all the attractions will be open.

Javier De la Rosa

This year two decades will have passed since Mayor Joan Clos decided that the management of the park should return to the municipal umbrella, after a private stage that began when the businessman Javier de la Rosa acquired the facility in 1987. A stage that ended in bankruptcy and with the uncomfortable detail that for a considerable time the The name of the park was associated with the corruption and the fall of the one who was presented by Jordi Pujol as “a model businessman & rdquor ;.

But it is more than likely that none of the children who will be running around the park starting Saturday will know who De la Rosa is, and perhaps neither will Pujol. The park ended up at auction, and although it was bought by a representative of the Bernat family, owner of Chupa Chups, the city council exercised its right of first refusal and acquired it for 1,091 million pesetas, just over six million euros.

For the 600,000 visitors

The city council has presented the reopening in an appearance in which it has participated the first deputy mayor, Jaume Collbonipresident of BIMSA, the municipal company that manages the park; Albert Batlle, president of the facility, as councilor of Sarrià, and Rosa Ortiz, the director.

Attractions that had not been able to be visited for two years are now reopening, such as the oldest, the Embruixabruixes, and others that will open in the first moment of 2021, those of the interior, such as the Hotel Krueger. And the challenge of returning to normality is also imposed in the figures. Attendance in a normal year is around 700,000 visitorsand Ortiz has stated that the 2022 goal is to reach 600,000.

In 2019, 718,3276 people visited the park, which is normally open 159 days a year. In 2020, the figure fell to 110,801, and it was only open for 54 days. In the 113 opening days of 2021, the relative recovery of normality brought the number to 400,087 visitors.

The Cuca de Llum

The park is committed to one of its main innovations in recent times, the Cuca de Llum, which took over from the historic funicular railway, and which was born with a dual purpose, to serve as transportation but also to be an attraction in itself. . At present, the director has recalled, 42% of visitors go to the park in collective transport and 58% in private.

The goal is for the percentage to reach 60%, but if this year reaches 50%, the park will be satisfied, according to the director. Since it was inaugurated in June 2021, the Cuca de Llum has transported 350,000 passengers.

the same rates

Rates maintain the price of last year. An individual ticket costs 35 euros, including the ascent and descent in Cuca de Llum. The junior ticket costs 14 euros and the senior, 10.5 euros. In the case of large families or single parents, the price drops to 28 euros per person, 11.20 for junior members. The price of the Tibiclub is 168 euros for access throughout the year for all members of a family unit.

Not only is this year the twentieth anniversary of the public management of the park. It is also the 10th anniversary of Tibidabo’s collaboration with Unicef, with the aim of making children’s rights known. In its social aspect, Tibidabo Solidari expects the attendance of 100,000 people in 20 days in which social entities participate.

The childhood of the councilors

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Batlle and Collboni have recalled with emotion their visits to the park as children. The Sarrià councilor recalled that the weekend the roller coaster was inaugurated, his father took him to try it out. The first deputy mayor has reported that the first time he had “the sensation of flying & rdquor; he had it on the plane in the park, of which he exhibited a replica that he has in his office.

Batlle has also given account of this family dimension of Tibidabo when he affirmed that if all the tourists who come to the city went to the park it would collapse. Which does not prevent that it would be good if some foreigners visited it during the week, as the director has said.

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