Barcelona would lose 180 million euros without capital gains tax

  • ERC urges Colau to have the municipal government convene an extraordinary plenary session to address the issue

  • The Constitutional Court annulled part of the tribute, which the Federation of Municipalities and Provinces claims to recover

The decision of the Constitutional Court to annul three precepts of article 107 of the consolidated text of the law regulating local finances, considering them unconstitutional, that is, to issue a death sentence against the capital gains law, has as an immediate consequence the abrupt cut off of one of the financing channels for city councils. And it is not a matter of ambiguous concern: it can be quantified.

So he has done the first lieutenant mayor of Barcelona, ​​Jaume Collboni, that in a message on the social network Twitter warns that without the capital gains law, the Catalan capital would stop earning 180 million euros per year. An amount that represents more than 5% of the current budget, 3,200 million euros.

“If the cancellation of the municipal capital gain is confirmed, local entities must be compensated for the loss of income and set a regulation that regulates the tax well. We cannot give up, in the case of Barcelona, ​​180 million in social policies or in investments for economic reactivation & rdquor ;.


The municipal ERC group has also made its calculations. According to his spokesman, Councilor Jordi Coronas, the impact of the change would be a loss of 35 and 40 million euros this year and 182 million in 2022 (when the budget, if the current project prospers, will be 3.4 billion) . Given the situation that this could generate, ERC has asked the mayor, Ada Colau, to urgently convene an extraordinary plenary session on capital gains and the Constitutional decision. “It is a very important affectation that hurts all city councils, not just Barcelona. We will lose collection and there is a clear culprit, the state, which has been looking the other way for four years & rdquor ;.

ERC urges Colau to convene the plenary to agree on a proposal “as unitary as possible. The State should create a compensation fund for city councils to compensate for lost income in a time of economic recovery & rdquor ;.

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A general clamor

In view of the concern that this situation raises, the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) warned yesterday that it will be necessary to develop a new rule to “reestablish” the capital gains tax. The president of the FEMP and mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, explained it like this this Tuesday: “If the first interpretation (of the Constitutional decision) is confirmed, a new norm would be proposed that allows the tax to be restored with collection justice.”

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