Barcelona raises another wage cut for footballers

While the sports management of the FC Barcelona he has more or less done his homework on the incorporations that the team needs, the club’s business management is further behind. You must create salary margin as it is for these new players with whom you have already agreed their arrival.

The way to create that salary space is by way of increasing income, either with the famous economic levers, a couple of which will be put to a vote in an extraordinary assembly on June 16, or either by selling football players. A third way that has now been put on the table is to once again ask some players in the squad for another chip reduction.

against the clock

The club begins to feel that it strokes against the clock. The transfer market has already been revitalized. There are several footballers, in particular the most desirable, who are relocating. Barça needs to be very active to keep Xavi happy, eager to bring in several starters, but right now he is really paralyzed because he doesn’t know how many players he can add or how much he can pay them. For the happy salary space, which is -144 million. There is a risk of losing worded players in this waiting period.

Reducing salaries is part of the strategy that Joan Laporta hinted at in an interview with L’Esportiu, in which he spoke of adopting “drastic” measures. But it is one thing to think about it and another to be able to execute it. The club is not considering an ecumenical measure, for everyone alike, because the locker room revolt would be immediate, but individualized negotiations, appealing to Barcelona and the club’s urgencies, to see how much it can scratch.


The last time a measure of this type was carried out, what was done (or so it was explained) was to defer payments, extending contracts in most cases. It particularly affected the captains and some of the highest paid players such as Ter Stegen and De Jong. laporta he considers repeating the play. This is the trial balloon of the moment and there is no expectation of joy in the locker room.

At the same time, the business side of the entity negotiates the sale of 49.9% of the company that manages merchandising (BLM) and 25% of the television rights, the two concepts that the compromising partners must authorize the board to trade. One of these legs must be signed by Barça before June 30 to adjust the budget for the 21-22 season and extend the salary bottleneck as soon as possible. The BLM operation has more numbers to be resolved first and there is talk that it would mean about 200 million for the Barcelona coffers. We will see.

Around with CVC

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As for television rights, the club handles different proposals. He has been considering joining the Impulso League for months, the partnership between LaLiga and CVC that promotes Javier Thebes and that it would guarantee a friendly interpretation of the wage margin. In the last meeting of the board, on Monday in La Jonquera, there were internal disagreements regarding a proposal that would generate debt, would imply a 50-year commitment and that was already rejected at the time, causing the traumatic and tearful departure of Leo Messi .

It is not entirely ruled out, but it would seem that it is not listed as the first option for the television asset. From the club it is considered that there are better alternatives with other funds that would be around 270 million. What is unknown is whether it would entail a salary interpretation similar to the Tebas route, which would open the tap at around 40 million. A figure that would suddenly allow tied footballers like Christensen, Kessié, Marcos Alonso or Azpilicueta to register. Even a Lewandowski if there was an agreement with Bayern. But Barça is on the way to discarding it. And time is short.

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