The word of mouth of those who had tried it, plus the commercial stimulus of Black Friday and the Christmas campaign triggered 10 days ago the interest in those Bonus Consum that the city council had promoted to encourage the consumption after the health crisis. To such an extent that there were continuously thousands of citizens trying – now without success because they were exhausted for many days – to download the QR code online, which is equivalent to 10 euro vouchers valid for purchases of more than 20 euros in the 1,700 stores that have joined to the initiative. In view of the lawsuit, the city council has announced that will extend the promotion from December 20 with 100,000 more bonuses, that represent a new municipal investment of a million euros.

The new units will have to be used before the end of the year and they are added to those that may remain in circulation from the first phase. On October 18, 280,000 bonuses were put into circulation, which once downloaded from the BCNMarket platform could be used for 15 days before their expiration. If they were not used in that period, they were available again, so every midnight it is still possible to get one of those that are released.

Eixample, Sants-Montjuïc and Sant Martí

According to municipal data, as of Friday 217,255 had been used, while another 62,335 were reserved and pending use or to be released to be downloaded by other people, who do not have to be residents of Barcelona. Its use is restricted to commerce, services and restaurants in the Catalan capital.

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Of the more than 1,700 participating establishments, the largest share of members is in the districts of the Eixample, San Martín and Sants-Montjuïc and they are above all proximity businesses. On the BCNMarket platform you can consult the Map with the stores where they accept these bonds. As the deputy mayor explained Jaume Collboni, the measure has a multiplier effect on consumption, given that for every 10 euros of investment by the council generate at least 10 euros more of spending by citizens. The purchase must be at least 20 euros, and each person can use up to three, in different acquisitions or services.

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In total, the consistory has invested 4.040.000 euros in the campaign, of which 3,800,000 have been “a direct injection to citizen consumption & rdquor ;. The buyer only has to show the voucher code downloaded on their mobile or printed, which in each participating business register through a reader that admits them as if they were money. The project has the collaboration of Barnacom, Comertia, Pimec, Foment del Treball, Gremi de Restauració, Agrupament de Botiguers i Comerciants de Catalunya and Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona. And it has also served to publicize the BCNMarket platform, which is the city’s online store, to which 4,200 businesses have already joined and which seeks to be able to compete locally with the large digital platforms.

This effort to revitalize technology has become one of the challenges of neighborhood commerce, which last Thursday night held its annual gala in the hands of the collective Barcelona Comerç, that combines 22 axes. The entity awarded in different categories to businesses and entrepreneurs who have shone in one of the most difficult years for the sector.

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