Barcelona has experienced this weekend a summer parenthesis, prior to the rains that will return from Monday in Catalonia. However, this Sunday, the sun and the high temperatures have attracted a wave of tourists and they have taken so many other Barcelonans out of their homes that this Sunday they have taken the city center. Suspenders, visors and few masks have been seen today in the city center.

The previous midnights there were even problems at El Prat airport because there were no taxis for all the passengers who landed in Barcelona. But tourists are not only already on the beaches of Barcelona, ​​but throughout the city. They are seen on the street, at all hours. The number of travelers who visited the Catalan capital during Holy Week and, later, the last week of April already led to the suspicion that summer will be like the old days again and will be marked by a high tourist influx. It is something celebrated by the hotel and restaurant sectors, but seen with concern by many residents of Barcelona and, especially, of Barceloneta. “It will be a ‘warm’ summer”, predicted the Associació de Veïns de la Barceloneta in this newspaper a couple of weeks ago.

However, this spring truce, with mild, sunny weather and mild temperatures, in recent days will give way to a change in weather because weather instability will once again be the protagonist in the coming days. Especially, from Monday, with the appearance of a DANA (acronyms that correspond to isolated depression at high levels) that will bring heavy and widespread rains throughout Catalonia and a drop in temperatures. There were already drizzles on Saturday night.

Rain and cloudiness on the rise and temperatures on the decline

Tomorrow the rains will be widespread in different parts of the Catalan territory, with precipitation that can become abundant and even locally strong, and temperatures show a general decline, both the maximum and the minimum, remaining between two or three degrees below the average for these dates. This time change will also entail a increased cloudiness in those areas that are spared from the rains, which will prevent the maximum temperatures do not just exceed 20 scientific degrees.

This episode of meteorological instability and intense rains will continue, at least, until Wednesday. As of Wednesday, a slow improvement in the weather situation is expected, the rains will begin to subside, giving way to a cloudy sky, but where the sun is increasingly the protagonist, and temperatures will begin to recover.

What is a DANA

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The DANA, also known as cold drop, It is an atmospheric phenomenon that consists of the formation of closed, defined and persistent depressions with cold air, separated or detached from the source zone from which they originated. Its genesis occurs when the general current from the west undulates sharply until it becomes strangled and forms a closed circulation. DANA may not be a necessary or sufficient condition to produce heavy rains.

Other factors that favor it triggering a storm are that it encounters a warm and humid mediterranean air current provided by a weak depression on the surface and a mountainous geographical setting that facilitates convection.

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