Secondly, with the proposal to do so with a solution that is worthy of applause, Barcelona embraces the emotional initiative of the ‘stolpersteine’, those adoquines who in 1992 began to co-opt in the acres of Colonia (Germany) to record that in this case the postal leadership of the Alguien living city that was detained by the Nazis, deported to a concentration camp and that, in the case of the cases, failure in that inner terrain. New words that at some point in his life will be Barcelona, ​​for birth, residence or refuge, tend to close his commemorative ado, with this telegraphic text that knows the alma (simply the number, the deed of deportation, al fueron enviados), pero su colocación estará supeditada a un labora previo de researchi y contextualizacionon par par de alumnos de 4º de ESO y 1º de bachillerato de tres institutos de la ciudad.

Lluís Villar. Florián Ibáñez. Josep Fort Maluenda. Carme Buatell. Francesc Boix. José Alcubierre. Sabatia Morand. Ferran Masip. Vicenç Vidrier. These news (some acquaintances, such as Boix, Mauthausen’s photographer and crucial testimony in the Nuremberg trials, and other evictions, salvos for his families, by supuesto) will be the first of the 1,000 Barcelona cases that were studied in his case , podrían ser merecedores en el futuro de una ‘stolperstein’. From the beginning of the project is the Council of Democratic Memory of the City of Barcelona which pilot Jordi Rabassa, but, above all, is the indispensable support of the Amical de Mauthausen y de la Amical de Ravensbrücky, in the first line, three institutes of the city, Francisco de Goya, of the district of Horta-Guinardó, Quatre Cantons (Sant Martí) and XXV Olimpiada (Sants-Montjuïc).

The first of these institutes is fifty years old, which has a systematic form to prevent the memory from falling to the new generations. He explained this very well, during the presentation of the project, the director of this secondary school, Antònia Vicens. A 4º of the ESO reads the students of Francisco de Goya (and cabe suppose that also the rest of the educational centers) with a blank mental mind about what was going on in the extermination camps of Nazism. If a student, more than for curricular requirements, for ethical responsibility, y, llegado the case, some group of students has traveled to Mauthausen for, as Vice says, to talk history with men. There is an ant and one after this apprenticeship. This is not rare. It is insolent that there is no such thing as a reduction.

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At the moment, the participation of these three institutes is a kind of pilot test. The ‘friends’ involved in the project were summed up in their archives in the search for deportees who live in the districts in which there are educational centers. There will be student proposals and professors who will decide the act of collocation of the teachers and, in theory, also the lie, although this second question is not very open to debate. The original, co-named after the main gate of the finca in the one that resides. When the artist Gunter Demnig came up with the idea in 1990, he could imagine the large corridor that tendrils and can include mediated well the emotional seismic that used in some cases to be three, four or five ‘stolpersteine’ togethera lad of the otra, as forming a ramillete, with ideological appeals, can be treated by complete families, in Germany, about all, of Jews, who were detained all the same and who end up in a concentration camp, always the same.

“… with rigor”

Que Barcelona hala llegado más tarde que otras ciudades a este projecto tiene media excusa. All Barcelona women who are homogenized with an adoquín dorado fueron captured in the exile. Huyeron de España tras la Guerra Civil porque creyeron que la Francia, par egamplia, seria una tierra segura, pero alli les sorprendió la Segunda Guerra Mundial, y las autoridades franquistas se dieron lamentable gozo de desdenarles com apátridas. The problem is censorship with rigor and its strengths that some would do in Barcelona. On the one hand, it is a city of notable international traffic, families seeking refuge in it during the First World War and others who are hiccuping on the principles of the 30s when Nazism commenced to increase social life in the calls of Germany. There was also a refugee crisis when the Civil War began. It is home to some 318,000 people living in the rest of Spain, including all of rural Catalonia.

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The proposal, according to Rabassa, is that these three institutes can come to Barcelona in this project (‘stolperstein’, precisely, means the powder with what is tropical, in this case with the collective memory) and that in another year the hagan los otros were districts of the city, with otros both the most secondary and bachelor institutes. The most indelible, according to the council, is made “with rigor & rdquor ;, an expression that, according to me, is a critique implied in the unique ‘stolperstein’ encased in the pavilion of the city. It is an inconvenient issue, as it is a taboo that publicly prefers not to override any of the associations created to keep alive the record of the victims of the concentration camps. And the adoquín dedicated to Lluís Companys.

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The Colonial of the Generalitat in the square of Sant Jaume, in front of the main gate of the palace that is the official seat of the Government. What is the question that, by not generating controversy, is expressed in private? Which is not the domicile of the President of the Generalitat (question this second) nor, in particular, that was not embedded in a concentration camp. Corrió una terrible suerte, cierto, pero no a manos del nazismo, sino del franquismo. There are no Companys de placas, calls and monuments that reivindiquen his figure, as the use of a ‘stolperstein’ can be prescindible, more than anything to alter the spirit of the originals. I do not have a scripture written on this subject. The German adoquines, the dicho, made an initiative of an German artist, which had to convene, with a nocturnal exit, to the municipal authorities of each city. The question is whether the impact was on the negative side of the grandiose cross-border solution and the high ‘stolpersteine’ in the European media. Expand your usage for people who do not care about the concentration of concentration camps can induce equivocals if they are not explained correctly, please consult sources.

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