Barça takes advantage of Madrid’s puncture and becomes a solo leader

  • The Catalans dominate the whole game but end up suffering to defeat Unicaja in Malaga (73-75)

  • Manresa falls in Fuenlabrada (90-82)

Barça has been able to take advantage of Madrid’s stumbling block to become a solo leader. If the whites have been surprised at home against Gran Canaria (70-75), the Catalans have also looked over the precipice in Malaga. Sarunas Jasikevicius’s block dominated Unicaja comfortably throughout the game, but ended up suffering after suffering an offensive short-circuit in the last five minutes (73-75).

Until then it had been a placid afternoon. The defense had asphyxiated the people from Malaga and all the Catalans who had jumped onto the court had scored to contribute to a choral victory in which Kuric’s inspiration in the shot shone with its own light (top scorer with 18 points) and good work Hayes-Davis and Davies on both shores. But the elimination of the latter, when Barça had a comfortable income (60-72), has marked the beginning of the Barcelona empanada that has seen how Unicaja, raising the physical intensity, was located at three points and had a triple to tie . Barça, who have not scored a basket in play in the last five minutes, have ended up taking the victory thanks to the defense and a couple of free throws from Higgins. “There have been a lot of nerves and a half of losing the game,” explained Jasikevicius, unhappy with the end of his team, despite continuing with an immaculate league record (7-0).

The Baxi Manresa has succumbed in Fuenlabrada to the inspiration of the locals in the triples. The 15 triples gave the hosts their second win of the season. The good game of Joe Thomasson (23 points) has been of no use, who has tried to the end but has not been able to avoid the defeat of Pedro Martínez in his 250th game in front of Manresa.

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92 – Urbas Fuenlabrada (27 + 20 + 25 + 18): Novak (4), Armand (14), Emegano (23), Cheatham (18), Alexander (16) -initial quintet-, Ristic (6), Samar (2), Vicedo (5), Bagayoko (2), López and Macoha.

80-Baxi Manresa (19+26+20+17): Pérez, Jou, Thomasson (23), Moneke (11), Bako (15) -the starting five-, Maye (15), Martínez, Valtonen (4), Francisco (12), Sima (2) and Berzins.

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