Barça suffers a romp from Madrid at the premiere of the final

Seven times the basketball classic had been played this season. In none of them was so much superiority of one or the other appreciated as in the premiere of the final of the Endesa League. There was only one team on the parquet, the Madridwho dominated all aspects of the game, pushed by the ex-blaugrana hanga, author of 16 points and managed to silence the Palau at times, which is not an easy task. The barca It was a soulless group, dwarfed, a shadow of itself, which could only compete in the last quarter, when it was against the ropes (75-88). Thus he lost the court advantage in the final at the first change.

“We have lacked energy, we have to try to recover it and play our basketball,” he lamented. Jasikevicius. “We have played a good game, the boys have made a huge defensive effort”, he valued Chus Mateo.

What was seen already from the initial jump in the first quarter was two teams with opposite dynamics. The Madrid, grown in confidence, sure of his strength, with the pace and intensity he needs for a title. At the other extreme, Barça, a team without faith, that no longer believes in its strength, and that seems to have lost even the magic on the bench of its coach, sarunas jasikevicius, to find a solution. Over the abyss, with more than 20 points against, was when the azulgrana team desperately tried to come back, but it was only enough to reduce the final damage.

Only with a pivot

It is quite true that the barca appeared in the first match of the final limited by the loss of two of his tall men, Sanli and Oriolaand with a single pivot to deal with the interior power of Tavares and Poirier. But Madrid did not need the superiority of their greats from the start, although their superiority in rebounding at the end was overwhelming (16 white offensive rebounds). The team of Chus Mateo It was an offensive gale in the first quarter, in which he already made clear differences, while the Barcelona team, overwhelmed in defense, was far from the solvent team that was sensed for many months, but also in attack, where they found no solutions.

Madrid sealed their zone out, forced losses and bad shots in the Catalan team, was lethal in the triple (4 of 5) and from an initial run of 2-11, with which they pulverized in a jiffy the 5-0 with the one that Barça started, only increased its advantages until the end of the fourth with a lofty 17-30.

decomposition symptoms

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From such a favorable scenario, the Madrid team only had to grow bigger and grow in confidence to build a gigantic wall at half-time (31-49). From such a deep well, everything got complicated for the team of Jasikevicius, which since the Cup title, in February, has been giving intermittent signs of irregularity and decomposition, more and more evident. It is no longer just a question of the Barça talent having faded, and the disappearance of a good handful of players. It is that in the energy put on the track there was an abyss between the azulgranas and the madridistas.

Didn’t improve too much barca around the locker room and the faces of the players on the bench made it very explicit that the team from Jasikevicius I didn’t know how to find a way out of such an uphill situation. Only upon finding themselves condemned (23 points below, 51-74), the Barça team took a step forward to lower the punishment. Were Jokubaitis and Laprovittola those who believed, pulled the team and cleaned up the image in the last period, in an already desperate charge. Thanks to them, the difference reached ten points, although the effort did not prevent a painful defeat that left Madrid with a clear emotional advantage and with only one regret: the possible injury to Randolph.

FC Barcelona, ​​75- Real Madrid, 88

FC Barcelona: Calathes (6), Higgins (4), Hayes (2), Mirotic (13), Smits (8) –starting five- Kuric (12), Davies (7), Martínez (-), Laprovittola (15), Abrines ( -), Jokubaitis (8)

8 of 22 triples (Laprovittola, Smits, Kuric, 2), 28 rebounds, 11 offensive (Mirotic, 6), 14 assists (Calathes, 4)

Real Madrid: Hanga (16), Causeur (12), Deck (18), Yabusele (11), Tavares (7) –starting five- Núñez (3), Randolph (-), Rudy (4), Abalde (2), Poirier ( 7), Taylor (5)

8 of 19 triples (Causeur, Hanga, 2), 36 rebounds, 16 offensive (Yabusele, 9), 14 assists (hanga, 6)

partial: 17-30; 14-19; 20-25; 24-14

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