Barça, signs of the end of the world

That FC Barcelona lose a game at the Camp Nou against Real Madrid and A good part of the Barça parish leaves the stadium with their hands in their pockets and nothing has happened here. (to the four fools who shook the car of Ronald Koeman you have to feed them separately; alfalfa, preferably) should be an unmistakable sign that the world is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions. Like that of the dead that come out of their graves and the “dogs and cats cohabiting & rdquor; they said in ‘Ghostbusters’. Not even in the times of Serra Ferrer and Rexach had such a level of indifference and detachment among the so-called social mass. If Barça is no longer even capable of giving its fans that simple pleasure that consists of viciously whipping themselves after a defeat against their eternal rival, what is Barça good for?

Well, nowadays it doesn’t seem to be of much use. Of course, not to score against Rayo Vallecano de Andoni Iraola, a coach who does understand that your job is not to shrug your shoulders and complain about what you have but to get the best out of its squad (and there is the recently promoted Madrid team in European positions). After watching the Vallecas match, one ends up feeling longing for those days when Barça del Tata Martino beat Rayo 0 to 4 and the culerada mounted a sacramental because the team had lost possession. And the truth, feeling longing for Tata Martino is a terrible symptom; one more step on the road to irrelevance that the club took a few years ago.


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It was not necessary to wait for the defeat in Vallecas to understand that the situation in Can Barça has become untenable. Reality is knocking on the door with loud knocks and here nobody bothers to go open. Koeman doesn’t, which increasingly resembles that character from ‘L’escurçó negre’ who was said to be unable to recognize a subtle plan even if he were dressed in pink glitter and perched on a harpsichord singing “The subtle plan has arrived & rdquor; . AND neither does Joan Laporta, who in his eagerness to buy time does not really know what it looks like to end up like Napoleon in the bathtub and lamenting the loss of his empire.

Barça falls apart. If the time to make decisions has not yet come, then when?

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