Barca returned

Anything could have happened. And the joy passed. A lesson of youngsters mixed with veterans, playing against the current, frightened by the failures of the past, directed from the bench by one who is still like them, facing the most symbolic game of this time, because Atlético is like a touchstone, a threat to the weak Barça balance. The horror was Atlético’s goal, Luis Suarez lurking for history to claim him (and rightly so) before a grandstand that has him in good memory. Ugh, it was a hard day like a free kick.

Anything could have happened. And the joy passed. Barça is back, there it is. Humiliated in the recent phases of life, taking the ashes out of the field to turn them, for the time being, into silver. There was uncertainty, trembling feet, a dark second part like a truncated desire. But there was joy. That first part of the new essay by xavi it must be kept as part of the shield. A dynamic, energetic reaction, with which Barça overcame an athletic hole, gave the team first the tie and then the glory.

The old passion for combining returned, that way of being that coexisted in history with proper names among which the current coach had an outstanding signature. For the symbols to be symmetrical, there was that goal of alves who made the name of a legend sing in the field. It seemed that life was beginning again, as if the stands were reliving dreams that had already been lost.

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I saw the match as if I were examining myself as a culé, writing for a newspaper founded by that Antonio Franco who spelled out here the hopes of Barça and his Elche, coming from the teaching of greats like Alfredo Relano Y Vincent Jimenez, which led me on What. Now in Barcelona and celebrating a beautiful victory for my childhood Barça team.

For all that has been said, let me use that metaphor in the column, free kick, well Frank our teacher’s last name was, and I hope that these blows that he lets me give the Newspaper of Catalonia can be associated with glories that make us toast to that bigata of legend whose life was an example of journalism… and joy.

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