Barça, pending the carambola of 9 to have Lewandowski

Barça waits for its moment to come, and its money, to sign Robert Lewandowski, the nine that Xavi asks for and, above all, needs to begin the true reconstruction of the squad. Everything remains, however, subject to that carom of the nine that is being experienced in European football, displaced as the Barça club has been to the second level. He was unable to compete Mbappe (The Frenchman chose to stay in Paris rather than meet with Benzema at the Bernabéu) nor did he have any option of aspiring to Haland.

“I was born in England, so I’ve been a City fan all my life,” proclaimed the Norwegian striker, who chose to work with Guardiola, “one of the great managers of all time.” He did not want Haaland to wait for Madrid, who asked him for one more year in the Bundesliga, nor did he want to attend to Xavi’s requests, whose sports project was not supported by the economic one.

accelerated market

Barça, who had at the time the option of thinking of a stranger Darwin Nunez, who stood out at Almería, cannot look at that second level of forwards either. Liverpool has released 75 million fixed euros plus another 25 in variables that place him as the most expensive transfer ever made at Anfield.

With unusual speed, the market for scorers has been activated, conditioned to the movement of several pieces that can end up with Lewandowski, one of the most renowned specialists in this trade (he is the one who has scored the most goals this past year), exhausting the final years of his successful career at the Camp Nou.

connected by a thread

Premier, Bundesliga and League are woven by an invisible thread that shakes the bag of nines. Mané no longer wants to continue in England, tempted as he is by the offer from Bayern Munich, who becomes serious and blunt, closing, for the moment, the door to the Polish scorer that Barça is looking for.

With Darwin turned into a new Liverpool player, everything will be easier for the Senegalese striker, tired as he is of the complex coexistence with Salah Y firmino. Klopp airs the Anfield locker room in this way and that movement, or so Barça hopes, will have a direct influence on the future of Lewandowski, who still has one year left on his contract.

With ‘Auba’ is not enough

But until the Bavarian club has the ‘nine’ that Julian Nagelsmann asks for, they will not be more receptive to the inexorable desire expressed by ‘Lewa’ to leave the Munich home where he has lived for the last eight seasons. Barça needs like breathing a striker who is effective and decisive, capable of solving the structural problems that Aubameyang has been dealing with.

With the former Arsenal player, Xavi was able to climb to second place in the League, but ran into the barrier of the quarterfinals of the Europa League against Eintracht, a sign that the team needs to raise its level, and a lot, in a such a delicate and valuable strategic position. With Lewa, who lives his best moments (46 goals in 50 games, an unattainable figure even this year for Mbappé), the panorama would become clearer for the Barça coach, who needs to have a goal yes or yes so that his project does not run aground from the beginning.

Barca concern

The distressing crisis that is strangling Barça, waiting for the levers promised by laporta as of next Thursday’s assembly, they do not leave much room for maneuver for the sports management that he leads Mateu Germany beside jordi cruyff. They have already designed the plan of action, concentrated on the figure of Lewandowski, despite the interest shown by Ten Hag’s Manchester United to take him away. Another big player in Europe in trouble, although with a substantial difference over Barça. They do have money to carry out a necessary remodeling of a team that will not even be in the Champions League this year.

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But Xavi, who anxiously watches the movements of a market where Barcelona cannot even peek, demands that scorer who will allow him, above all, to gain time to build his work, aware that from August the pressure will increase on the. Therefore, it is essential to have the ‘nine’ that mitigates the endless offensive hole left by Messi’s departure.

Lucía Leo was number 10, but he was also number ‘9’. And since Luis Suárez, signed in 2014 and fired in 2020, Barça does not have that essential figure in the center of attack that makes life easier for the coach and, above all, allows him to conquer calm and time.

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