Barça is a letter to the Kings

I have never shared the pragmatism of those parents who each year choose to leave the distribution of gifts in the hands of Santa Claus to their children, to the detriment of the Three Wise Men, arguing that in this way children have more vacation days to enjoy their new toys. I have no doubts about their good intentions, which they certainly do, but I would say they act with adult logic. Of impatient adults, moreover, who attach excessive importance to getting things done as soon as possible. And in that eagerness to arrive they soon lose sight that much of the magic of the Christmas season – religious meaning aside – is made, basically, of expectation. From the illusion of what is to come. The holidays of the creature that already on the third day of vacation is full of gifts and has two long weeks ahead to get bored of them do not seem to me more fortunate than those of the one who keeps the desire intact until January 6.

In an analogous way, the FC Barcelona fan is learning to enjoy his team not so much for what it is, nor for the results it gets, as from what it is intuited that it may become. The Barça of Xavi, Araujo, Gavi, Nico, Abde (hopefully soon also Ansu Fati, Pedri and Ferran Torres) is today a vulnerable team, condemned to suffer against rivals who recently beat with certain ease and too tender to start as a favorite in high-demand duels. It is what there is, that one said. And yet an exciting adventure begins to turn out (Sánchez Pizjuán’s game was) see how children grow. And how they tell us with their play that it is often much better to have a little patience than to buy four unnecessary toys that nobody gets excited just to get out of trouble.

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Barça is today a promise, a wish, an illusion. A letter to the Magi. But every time that star that tells us that this time the wait may end up being worth it seems to be shining more strongly.

Happy Holidays.

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