Barça does not win the friendly against Boca either

The focus was on Dani Alves and Dani Alves did not disappoint. You saw the old man (for old, for acquaintance, although he is already 38 years old) Alves, vitalist, energetic and enthusiastic. Age erosion was not detected. He played for Barça as if five years had not elapsed since his departure, thirteen since his arrival, which speaks very well of him and very bad of the team, which not only has not evolved, but has worsened. It was Alves of the little that he remembered to the Barça that Xavi intends to recover, perhaps the only thing.

Neither the scoreboard evoked the team they shared between 2008 and 2015, when the coach left, a year before Alves. Either the friendly tribute to Maradona with Boca Juniors ended with victory (1-1), for Xavi to maintain that in Munich there was a turning point. Riad and the other former team of the Fluff It was not the place where Barça would have to take off. It should be Saturday against Elche, wasted Pamplona’s opportunity with a tie with a taste of defeat, consummated four minutes from the end.

Barça did not win the Saudi Arabian duel after taking the lead with a great goal from Ferran Jutglà, but again failed to defend the lead and Zeballos equalized on a quick counterattack. The defeat resulted in penalties (2-4), with the presence of Maradona’s ex-wife and daughters, who posed with Boca’s squad and the trophy they won. Matheus Pereira and Guillem Jaime missed their shots after Alves and Jutglà transformed theirs.

Lab tests

And it is still logical that Alves stood out with the eleven that the coach put on the field. A team with more lab tests than youth opportunity camp. Clinical trials to assess performances in other demarcations, as an alibi to give new opportunities to already sentenced players for which they were chosen.

For example: Dest played left winger. It seems impossible that he can compete with Alves on the right side, the demarcation for which he was signed, although on D-day (against Bayern) he played on the right wing and lasted more than half of the time. Poor Dest got lost. Plus: Yusuf Demir tried inside right, a square for which he has three opponents (Nico, Frenkie de Jong and Gavi, at least). He used himself willingly as he tried to guess what movements to make. It would be four if we count Alves, who finished inside right (and captain), just like he did in Sao Paulo.

Nico and Gavi are sacred cows

Coutinho was located as a false center forward, Let’s see if the most expensive signing in history can be used somewhere, since the four nines of the team do not whistle: Memphis is injured and exhausted, Kun Agüero announces his retirement from football today, Martin Braithwaite will not return until January and Luuk de Jong has confirmed his inability to be the nine for Barça.

Coutinho did not find the springs either and then he looked for them Jutglà, debutant in El Sadar, starter in Arabia and last nine. Between the two they made the goal, with a faulty control from the Brazilian and an angry shot from the Catalan at the turn.

Then began the second interesting part of the friendly: the appearance of the youth of the subsidiary chasing the same fate as Nico and Gavi who, as if they were veterans, saved the game. They must be available against Elche, they must not wear out any more in a friendly against Boca Juniors. The two were preserved along with the sacred cows: Ter Stegen, Piqué, Umtiti, Frenkie and Luuk de Jong and Dembélé, who flew as tourists.


Barcelona: Grandchild; Alves, Eric, Lenglet, Bucket; Demir, Álvaro Sánz, Puig; Jutglà, Coutinho, Dest. Coach: Xavi Hernández. Changes: Mingueza by Lenglet (d. 46); Ilias by Demir (d. 46); Marble by Eric (d. 60), Matheus by Sanz (d. 60); Eat by Dest (d. 62), Guillem Jaime by Coutinho (d. 69).

Boca Juniors: Rossi; Advíncula, Izquierdoz, Rojo, Fabra; Campuzano, Almendra; Villa, Cardona, Ramírez; Vazquez. Technician: Sebastián Battaglia. Changes: Zeballos for Cardona (d. 46); Molina for Ramírez (d. 46); Zambrano by Advíncula (d. 64); González for Almendra (d. 64); Varela by Campuzano (d. 64); Pavón by Villa (d. 64); Salvio by Vázquez (m. 64).

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Goals: 1-0 (m. 51), Jutglà; 1-1 (m. 77), Zeballos.

Penalties: 0-1, Red, goal; 1-1, Alves, goal; 1-2, Izquierdoz; 2-2, Jutglà; 2-3, Pavón; 2-3 Matheus, for Rossi; 2-4, Molinas, goal; 2-4, Guillem Jaime, out.

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