Bar Homer, in Mollet del Vallès, is where the best beer in Catalonia is thrown

  • Jenifer Tejada, representative of this venue inspired by ‘The Simpsons’, wins the first printing contest organized by Estrella Damm

Homer Bar, a small family bar in Mollet del Vallès (Jaume Coll, 3) inspired by the cartoon series ‘The Simpsons’, has won the unofficial title of establishment that best throws beer in Catalonia after the victory of his representative, Jenifer Tejada, in the Estrella Damm’s first printing contest.

The competition, which took place in the old brewery factory, had the participation of 10 finalists that they had entered the decisive phase. Nine had been chosen by the specialists of the Catalan brand after having viewed the videos of the 293 applicants that had been posted on the ‘Bar Manager’ platform for professionals, with which restaurateurs work with the brewery. The tenth had won the place by obtaining the majority of votes from his colleagues.

In addition to Homer Bar, have participated Can Feu (Sabadell); Confidential (Mollet del Vallès); Meeting point (Reus), who had been the most voted among his colleagues; Canned LaTorre (Barcelona); Restaurant L”Olivé (Mollet del Vallès); From Van Bar (Barcelona); The Supreme 9 (Figueres); Coffee Point 5 (Figueres); Calla and Tapa (Barcelona).

2,000 euros for the winner

At stake, the 2,000 euros for the winner, 1,000 for the second classified and 500 for the third. Conservas Latorre was second and El 9 Suprem, third.

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Each participant has thrown three beers, and the seven members of the jury have valued, among other factors, how they opened and closed the tap, how they tilted the glass to 45 degrees, how they straightened it at the last moment and how they filled the last quarter with the crown of cream.

Jenifer Tejada, of Homer Bar (which usually gives a cap when you order a beer), has been the one that has done the best, according to specialists. The winner, the only woman in the contest, claimed before participating: “Women also know how to throw beers“The triumph has proved him right.

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