Banobras prepares highway tender under PPP in Nayarit

The National Bank of Public Works and Services (Banobras), in its capacity as concessionaire, is holding a tender that will represent a maximum investment of 7,000 million pesos for the construction, maintenance, rehabilitation and operation (C-MRO) under standards of performance of 55.4 km of the Tepic-Compostela and Jala-Compostela-Las Varas highways and their branch to Compostela.

This is the second contest under the public-private partnership modality that is launched in the highway sector during the current six-year term, it will be valid for 10 years and the ruling will be announced on May 30.

Last year Banobras canceled a similar tender, although it did not include construction (the southeast package) to leave the tasks in the hands of federal roads and bridges (CAPUFE).

Among the companies that have already expressed their interest in signing the contract with Banobras are: Coconal (which won a similar contract in 2020, without construction tasks, for 2,500 million pesos), Prodemex, Mota Engil, GAMI Engineering, VISE, Calzada Construcciones, CAABSA Infraestructura, OCACSA, IDEAL, Aldesem, ORLER and Cointer Concesiones.

For the partner of GEA Infraestructura, Adolfo Zagal, the tender is very good news for the private sector that is interested in participating in projects from different sectors, but these have not had the required fluidity.

In addition, in May it will be five years since Mexico has not granted a concession in the highway sector, which reflects the lack of interest of the federal government in involving companies in the development of the works that the country requires.

“Undoubtedly, this is a very attractive tender because the initial investment will be recovered over the term of the contract (10 years). The modality chosen is by performance standards, which will be monitored to ensure that the service is adequate is a guarantee. In addition to generating tourism benefits, it will connect the inhabitants of Guadalajara and Nayarit with Puerto Vallarta in less time, and commercial activity in the region will increase,” explained the expert.

construction is added

According to Banobras, the works to be carried out are: construction, maintenance, rehabilitation and operation of the Tepic-Compostela highway (26 km type A2), construction (continuation and completion), maintenance, rehabilitation and operation of sub-segment B of segment 2 Compostela-Las Varas, of the Jala-Compostela-Las Varas highway and branch to Compostela (includes the El Capomo junction, 18.3 km type A4) and the maintenance, rehabilitation and operation of sub-segment A of segment 2 Compostela-Las Varas, of the Jala-Compostela-Las Varas motorway and branch to Compostela (11 km type A4).

Adolfo Zagal considered that adding construction work to the “traditional” MRO contracts is an additional incentive that will help Banobras receive various proposals from consortia and among them make the best choice.

Among the information provided to those interested in the contest, it is highlighted that the Ministry of Public Administration (SFP) appointed the Mexican Academy of Performance Auditing to serve as a social witness, so that its representatives will be present at all related stages.

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