BanCoppel will invest 10,000 million pesos in technology over the next four years

Aware that the economy is moving towards digital, BanCoppel will invest more than 10,000 million pesos in the next four years, only in digital matters, says the vice president of the institution’s board of directors, Julio Carranza.

In an interview, he considers that the challenge of transforming technologically, as global economic development is asking for it, is what leads to making large investments in this area.

“We are going to invest more than 10,000 million pesos in the next four years, simply in technological issues, which have to do with digital issues, with cybersecurity issues, to have more efficient systems, to be in the cloud with some things, with many new product and service projects that are more directly focused on what people are asking us for today,” he says.

The banker comments that today digital banking is a very important channel and the one with the greatest growth, which on the one hand allows the client to decide which one they want to enter, but also that costs decrease both for them and for the institution.

He points out that although today the effort to have all the service channels that were not available before represents a higher cost of operation, over time these are taking precedence in the large volume of transactions and makes the others become complementary. “And support, with a lower cost, and the most important transactions today are going precisely to the cell phone and through the mobile is where everyone wants to make transactions as quickly as possible, as easily as possible, at any time” .

It highlights that although there are opportunities, there are also risks such as that related to inflation and the impacts that the war in Russia could have.

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