Banco Inmobiliario Mexicano plans to place 8,000 million by 2022

For next year, Mexican Real Estate Bank (BIM), led by Rodrigo Padilla, foresees a loan placement of 8,000 million pesos to developers in order to build an estimated 11,500 homes in the country, in a context of economic recovery after the impact of the pandemic.

According to information from the bank specialized in the home financing, 2021 has been a challenge for the institution, but it has also been a year in which some of its indicators have rebounded, such as, for example, assets in fiduciary administration grew 14.28% annually as of last August, while income by credit commissions they registered an annual increase of 66 percent.

Although the pandemic has forced us to make significant changes in our daily activities, it is important to note that in the sector in which we operate, real estate, this situation has broken many paradigms, for example, from now on we will be much more technological, because due to the access and ease that it provides us, ”said Rodrigo Padilla.

According to the bank, based on data from different organizations, the real estate sector is slowly showing signs of recovery, since last September there was an increase in housing production of 11,173 units, that is, 10% more than in the same 2020 period.

“We all know that the situation has been complex, however, as a financial institution we thank the housing developers and SMEs who have approached us to promote their projects,” said Padilla.

A few days ago, Víctor Manuel Requejo, president of the Board of Directors of BIM, indicated to this medium that in the context of the emergency this bank was dedicated to serving small and medium developers, where this institution has specialized in its history.

“We are dedicating ourselves to medium-sized housing, we continue financing. About 60% or 70% of the homes that we finance are worth less than 1 million pesos, homes of more than 4 million pesos we do not finance, so the medium niche. This year has gone well ”, said Requejo.

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