“Baie-Jolie sur mer” is not unanimous in the Chaleur region

Heidi LeBlanc did not hesitate to share, on Facebook, her concerns about the new name of the municipality which will bring together Beresford, Nigadoo, Petit-Rocher, Pointe-Verte and the neighboring Local Service Districts (DSL).

She asked the population to do the same and to suggest alternatives.

A woman outside, in front of her house.

Heidi LeBlanc believes that the population would have liked a referendum to be held to determine the name of the new entity 11.

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There were a few small points that stood out, personally and around the community, was having two names for waterways: sea and bay in the same sentence. In French grammar, it doesn’t seem likeshe says.

She also feels that the name does not translate well into English.

Other people, who shared their views on Facebook, pointed out the potentially sexual connotation of the abbreviation. The initials “BJ” in English refer to fellatio.

There’s still time to change your name

Beresford Mayor Edgar Aubé says he received several emails and phone calls.

He specifies that the name of Baie-Jolie sur mer has not been officially chosen yet.

It is not the final name because the final name has to be submitted to the province, which has not yet been done. And it is the province that will make the final decision. »

A quote from Edgar Aubé, Mayor of Beresford
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Edgar Aubé, Mayor of Beresford

Photo: Radio-Canada / Serge Bouchard

The mayor specifies that this name was a choice that caught everyone’s attention. He adds that the committee is made up of 14 people and that it is therefore difficult to come up with a name that everyone likes.

Lack of consultation?

Heidi LeBlanc believes that the population would have liked a referendum to be held to determine the name of the new municipality.

What came out a lot is that the population was not consulted properly to bring about a big change that will affect us all down the line.she says.

She does not automatically blame the members of the transition committee responsible for this heavy task, but rather believes that the province should have put in place a system more democratically and that includes people from the community.

The mayor of Beresford points out that the lack of time has forced things.

Time is our enemy to consult the population. We have already asked the population to submit names, which they did, and that is part of the discussions we havesays Edgar Aubé.

Resumption of talks

The names of the new entities must be submitted to the province by Monday. So it’s one to midnight for the Entity 11 committee.

A meeting of the members of this group is therefore scheduled for Thursday evening to discuss the name that will be submitted to the province.

A map of the Chaleur region, New Brunswick, where it says “Entité 11”.  We see Pointe-Verte, Petit-Rocher, Nigadoo and Beresford grouped together.

The territory designated as Entity 11 by the Local Governance Reform in New Brunswick. The entity runs along the Baie des Chaleurs.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Heidi LeBlanc welcomes this initiative and the attentiveness shown by the members of the transition committee.

The board people really listened, they talked about going back to the table and listening to our ideas and talking about them. It makes a difference in the population because people feel listened toshe admits.

Heidi LeBlanc would have liked the new name to move away from words like Chaleur and Acadie, which are used a lot elsewhere.

The mayor of Beresford, meanwhile, says several names are on the table. It should be remembered that the four municipalities border Chaleur Bay, of which reference should be made to the bayaccording to him.

With information from Serge Bouchard


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