Bad mix: domestic policy with foreign

“Time for decisions”, said the President of the Republic Andrés Manuel López Obrador and perhaps they should make decisions on the Electricity Reform earlier than expected, after a disagreement with Jennifer Granholm, the American head of energy.

There is foreign policy in the promise to review investors on a case-by-case basis, conflicting with domestic policy to attack “those who seek United States protection”. At some point, both will have to reconcile.

Palacio knows that before this year’s legislative elections, the White House will not be fighting with Mexico, but Palacio will have to decide between the interests of the regime and those of Mexico at some point. Decide time.

Intrigues arise against the STPS

Last week, President López warned Obrador against the “sectarianization” of the movement he founded, led and led, and called for unity, a kind of “I see them” message.

By intriguing the Cananea conflict and forcing the government to create a working table to resolve the conflict in the Cananea mine, Senator Napoleón Gómez Urrutia of Moreno is an example of what the president has criticized.

Like other Morenoites and cabinet members, Gómez Urrutia brings his personal agenda, not that of the government that brought him into exile, and accuses LPSa María Alcalde, head of the STPS, of “misinforming the president. ” How to tame sects and tribes?

Odebrecht replaces Lozoya case

The Odebrecht case will provide material to demonize former officials at all levels since it broke out and made it easier, in presidential terms, for the fight against corruption to become a leitmotif of Mexican society,

Despite the zeal with which the FGR regularly denies information due to ongoing investigations, it has been announced that the consequences of the bribery scandals which, according to them, reach the highest levels of previous governments will be made public.

While announcing possible responsibilities of characters from the previous two terms of six years, the regime will keep public opinion busy and pay less attention to the country’s serious problems, at least during the first half of 2022.


To let go and let go, when it comes to organizations ideologically connected to the 4T, has opened a Pandora’s box like those groups that oppose gas pipelines and other government projects because “it is not to the benefit of the people not from the capitalists. ” .. The Secretary-General of the Conference of Mexican Episcopate and Bishop of Cuernavaca, Ramón Castro Castro, warned that, although he respects the conviction of the Federal Electoral Court against prelates who preached during election time in defense of the principle of defense. of life, the Conference Episcopal believes that this is a “violation of freedom of expression” … The same agenda of the Government will come from the plenary sessions of Morena, whatever they say. The most interesting, due to speculation, will be that of the senators … Curious that one of the clearest minds of Mexico’s intellectuals, like dr. Lorenzo Meyer, describes the INE as a “counterweight of the government” … Very interesting anonymous phrase: “Tolerance is that annoying feeling that others may be right in the end” …

Joseph Fonseca

Political Journalist

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