Aznar warns Sánchez on the table: “There is no intermediate point between the law and its violation”

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The Foundation for Analysis and Social Studies (Faes), which presides over Jose Maria Aznar, harshly charges against the Government for the dialogue table with Catalonia in an analysis entitled “Without haste, without pause, without deadline and without sense.”

For the foundation, only one photo comes out of this Wednesday’s meeting and fundamental questions remain unanswered. “No answer,” Faes underlines, “to the question about the instrument that is being considered to save the ‘popular endorsement’ of the agreement to which it is aspired. Referendum on Article 92? Territorialized consultation?”

Faes sees a “cosmetic and wavering position” of the Government and draws attention to the “deplorable” of the “government account”, which points out that “the problems with Catalonia date back a decade ago and have been channeled since Pedro Sanchez is president. “

“Once again, we have heard a socialist president conjure up the medal of love without it being to celebrate Valentine’s Day: ‘This year we are better than last, but worse than next.’ The last time, a bomb exploded the next day “, Faes sentence.

‘Bridges of dialogue’ with Casado

“Spain has a serious added problem – emphasizes the foundation – when the seditious practice of secessionism is added to the sectarian impulse of the ruling coalition. It is unusual to accuse the leader of the opposition of ‘constitutional insubordination’ – in reference to Pablo Casado– and the next day summarize the meeting with those who make the coup a political program. ”

Here comes the extract in which Faes exposes the fundamental idea and that encompasses all of the above: “In Pedro Sánchez’s approach there is something like an intermediate point between the Law and its violation, the national continuity of Spain and its more or more blasting. less controlled, the common citizenship of all and the threat rewarded. “

The body chaired by Aznar concludes that Sánchez should “without pause reestablish the ‘bridges of dialogue’ with the opposition and with all Catalans, those whose presence and loyalty make the expression ‘Government of Spain’ mean something; be very quick to share with them an authentic national strategy that restores the broken coexistence in Catalonia, and rectify the nonsense of governing the Nation supported by those who have already set an expiration date “.

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