Ayuso rejects the mask outdoors and only asks for “self-care”

  • The president of the Community of Madrid, against her fellow party members, makes it clear that she does not want to limit mass events or hospitality to “not ruin more”

While other regional leaders of the PP, such as the Galician Alberto Núñez Feijóo and the Murcian Fernando Lopez Miras, criticized the measures announced by Pedro Sanchez for their lukewarmness and demanded tougher restrictions in front of the sixth wave, Isabel Diaz Ayuso He did the opposite on Wednesday. For the president of the Community of Madrid, even the recovery of the masks abroad, a measure considered unhelpful by experts because outdoor infections are very rare, goes too far. During the Conference of Presidents, Ayuso advocated trusting the answer to the “Self-care” because “by now everyone knows what to do”

According to sources present at the meeting, the Madrid president defended that the use of masks in the street was not mandatory when there is interpersonal distance. In his view, the measure should be a mere “Recommendation & rdquor ;.

“It goes for long”

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Ayuso, who has made a flag during the pandemic of the opposition to the measures against the coronavirus of the Central Executive, he also made it clear, against his party colleagues, that he did not want to limit the mass events nor reduce the capacity of the hospitality industry. His speech focused on the need to pass a pandemic law, that on the other hand would not serve to affect fundamental rights, ask for a covid background, something that almost all presidents demand, and to focus on vaccination.

“We do not share the mandatory masks outdoors if there is distance. Nor the military trackers at this stage. Many? How? Vaccines are more effective, “he insisted. Ayuso based his victory in the regional elections of May 4 on his message of” freedom “, which in his opinion consists of being able to consume in bars and restaurants. This Wednesday he repeated it again. “no more ruin”, and also by “mental health”, made it clear that he did not share the “closures” that “many” had proposed. Still, she was willing to limit macro parties.


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