Ayuso feroz, by Juan Soto Ivars

When Isabel Díaz Ayuso began to claim the presidency of the PP of Madrid, I had to Google the current president of the PP of Madrid, because not even dedicating myself to this and being, more out of obligation than pleasure, to the day of the stickers, I remembered who held the position. The first question that one asks oneself in that moment of anxiety is why Ayuso wishes so voraciously such an unglamorous position as to occupy it Pío García-Escudero. If the Community of Madrid has already taken hold by the horns after thrashing an election that was promised to be disputed; Yes it is the absolute muse of the Spanish right, who sings boleros to him from the balconies and the microphones, for what?

The simple answer is that power is not always where it seems. There are positions to show off in ‘El Hormiguero’, positions to govern the destinies of a few million citizens, and others, more discreet, to choose with the finger who will shine: to form armies. People who want power need allies who will go where their index finger points, and this is something that Ayuso lacks in the party. I imagine her lifting her finger in front of the mirror every morning and believing that she is forcing the day to begin. The liquor of power The Sun King said in his letter to his son, he intoxicates mediocre spirits more than anyone, who rise many meters from themselves. Today Casado understands the mistake he made with Ayuso, how Artur Mas understood, late, the mistake he made with Puigdemont.

Governing the Community with the party is not the same as governing the Community party. 37 congressional deputies leave Madrid, the richest region in Spain, home to ministries and institutions, the privileged: there are two more than those who achieved United we can in the last elections, which makes the Community the most valuable fiefdom of the PP, and the regional president of the party a figure of enormous influence. As he came to say José Antonio Zarzalejos, If Ayuso manages to climb the steps of that gray office, then his organic power will be too great for the current leadership of the PP to be able to sleep peacefully. We live in a representative partitocracy And that means that the one who rules the games is the one who really rules. We don’t paint anything there. And Ayuso has always made it clear that he likes to command a lot.

Aznar’s pupil has a black future in front of him. He cannot afford not to govern in the next legislature: he will be destroyed if he fails. He knows that he is a candidate that no one likes, he knows that he is only in the leadership of the PP because the PP was too afraid of Soraya, and he knows that he can only win by letting Sánchez burn, because he has no charisma, or magnetism, or charm. Casado is, like Ayuso, like Sánchez, a mediocre spirit that needs power to exist. In the struggle for power, the legislature passes, with an early electoral campaign that started as soon as Iglesias and Sánchez shook hands, which intensified with the defectors, pardons and the Madrid elections, and which has not known more parentheses than the first weeks of the pandemic.

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The opposition of the PP It has been as close as the treatment that Sánchez has dedicated to them. I may be betrayed by Adamism, but I do not remember another legislature in which so much has been said, and since so early, about the next elections, as if there was no more present than the future, as if there was no other position than what they aspire to. to occupy. To understand Ayuso’s movements, therefore, one must think about this horizon.

The party mistrusts her because the party is its leadership and its barons: people located in positions where power is regional and sensitive to imbalances, or else they ask it to Susana Diaz. Madrid has always been the PP’s gold mine and the biggest headache for Genoa. They fear Ayuso as much as they fear Aguirre, perhaps more insofar as Ayuso is the opposite of Martínez Almeida: unpredictable. There will be a struggle between the two, and it will be a war dirty. I stake my neck that the leaks of dirty rags, sung by the pawns of the press related to each side, are about to fall. Do you remember Cifuentes?


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