Ayuso and Feijóo agreed last night that the Casado stage has ended

According to sources familiar with the conversations between the two politicians, if the leader of the PP does not take any definitive steps to leave the presidency of the party, they will demand the convening of a national board of directors in which they will request a extraordinary congress and thus be able to elect a new leader of the popular. In those conversations, as this newspaper has learned, Ayuso made it clear to Feijóo that she will not attend the primaries, a message that he has released this morning.

Both leaders want this urgent meeting to take place as soon as possible. In fact, last night they also coordinated their public interventions this very morning. At about the same time, one in Ourense and another in Boadilla del Monte, have made it clear that Casado has today the last opportunity to take a step back and announce that he is giving up the witness. If not, they will use the channels that the statutes mark to knock him down: ask for a national board of directors in which the members (almost 400) vote if they want an urgent congress to be held. Two thirds of the votes are needed, something that the alliance between Feijóo and Ayuso would easily achieve.

The Galician baron has warned the leader of the PP that he was unable to resolve the crisis “in the first half” (on Friday) and has asked him to do so “in the second and definitive” (today).

Steering committee meeting

The leader of the PP is currently meeting with his steering committee at the headquarters in Genoa, with his hard core, the general secretary, Teodoro Garcia Egea, and the deputy secretaries.

It is not even enough if Casado today delivers the head of his number two, as Ayuso and Feijóo concluded. They consider that the damage that has been done to the party is too serious and that this movement would not calm the waters.

The committee, which began its meeting at eleven o’clock in the morning, has taken a break for lunch and will continue at five in the afternoon, as reported by management sources.

The Feijoo train

The step next to Ayuso, advancing Feijóo who will not appear in the primaries, leaves free passage to the baron par excellence, to the president of the absolute majorities, to the leader who let the train pass in 2018, after the motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy, and now everyone is looking again.

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Feijóo is once again pushed by his party to encourage him to become everyone’s leader. But there is a difference: then it was known that Casado had announced that he would run for those primaries and that Soraya Saenz de Santamaria and Maria Dolores of Cospedal they also had aspirations. In addition, after leaving Moncloa for the motion, the PP had a few years left in the desert. Now, however, Ayuso has already left him free and there are general elections that have to be called, at the most in a year and 9 months. And the need for clear leadership is present now, as then.

A baron who has spoken with him these days to discuss what they should do to overcome this delicate moment in the game explains that he knows he has done the math: he has 60 years, in Galicia it has fulfilled its commitment and is aware that this train will never pass by again. It’s now or never.

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