Ayuso accuses Mercedes González of “negligent” or “sectarian” for allowing the Nazi march in Chueca

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The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has accused the government delegate in the region, Mercedes Gonzalez, of “allowing” the Nazi march that marched through Chueca last Saturday either as “negligent” or as “sectarian”: “I hope that only due to negligence, which is not little“.

He did so in his speech this Thursday at the Madrid Assembly, where he assured that the march could “have been avoided” and thus avoid “an image of Madrid that is false.” “Do you know the damage that images like this can do in the capital of Spain?“, the popular leader asked the PSOE spokesperson, Hana Jalloul.

This Thursday’s plenary session in the Assembly has once again oscillated around the “homophobia“, after the Madrid president said in the last one that she only exists” in the head of the left. “

The spokeswoman for United We Can in the Madrid Assembly, Carolina Alonso, reproaches Ayuso for his words about homophobia.

The spokeswoman for United We Can in the Madrid Assembly, Carolina Alonso, reproaches Ayuso for his words about “homophobia.”


A few words that have been reproached for Carolina alonso (United We Can) after last Saturday dozens of members of extreme right-wing groups paraded through the mythical gay neighborhood of Madrid shouting “out of our neighborhoods,” “out of Madrid with AIDS” or “you’re not Spanish because you are white”. Among other niceties.

However, Díaz Ayuso stressed that it was not his competence to ban those images and that it was Mercedes González “to have modified her route to avoid that, on a certain day, at a certain time, in such a crowded place, there would not be, maybe some kind of altercation. “

It could have been avoided. Have you done something for the image of the city of Madrid? Have they done something for the safety and tranquility of the neighbors? Any“Diaz Ayuso has snapped at the deputies of the left, whom he has accused of being” always mired in the same thing. “

And is that PSOE, More Madrid and We can They have been talking for two weeks about “homophobia” as a result of the false homophobic aggression against a 20-year-old boy in Malasaña, who served the left to charge against Vox’s “hate speech” and Ayuso’s “complicity”. An issue on which they insist now for a concentration that depended on the Government Delegation.

González, “deceived”

After the unfortunate images experienced in the Madrid neighborhood, the delegate of the Government of Spain in the Community of Madrid, Mercedes González, apologized to the LGTBI collective and claimed to have been “deceived” by the convening association, which promised a demonstration against the 2030 Agenda .

The neighborhood association of Canillejas presented that request for a demonstration against the Government 2030 Agenda. They had also called other previous demonstrations in their district, with just 50 people, little call, without any kind of altercations. The Delegation does not authorize, it can only prohibit and it had no possibility of prohibiting this “, wielded the Government delegate.

Mercedes González knew the Nazi ideology of one of the organizers of the Canillejas neighborhood association, as she admitted at a press conference, but she hid herself from the fact that she had previously allowed his mobilizations without incident.

Specifically, one to promote sports, youth and safety; another against the violence of Latino gangs; in June another against “the blackmail of Morocco against our nation” and the penultimate one on July 17 under the slogan “building a safe Madrid neighborhood by neighborhood”.


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