It rests very close to me, this DMag published in July. How magnificent it was, this cover on which appeared the author Emmelie Prophète. Hats off to the artist Amélie Grenier, who produced these superb portraits. These night blues, these naughty pinks, these lands of Siena, what happiness for my pupils. I had only one desire, to immerse myself in these wreaths of words from the pen of seven authors who maintain a bond of affection with Haiti… Unfortunately, time has run out. And it was not until September, when Haiti was no longer talking about her, that I was finally able to feed on these texts. I say “feed myself”, because thanks to Rodney, Emmelie, Gerda, Stéphane, Martine, Gary and Laura, I had the impression of discovering Haiti a little bit… finally! I especially felt a crush on Laura Doyle Péan’s rant. I agree with her when she says that the Pearl of the West Indies must finally be “free from the interference of the United States and all the other countries and all the organizations that believe they can run their affairs better.” that she ”… Laura is only 22 years old. The author considers herself “lucky that her father has always held a relatively positive discourse” on Haiti. To all of you, young people of Haitian origin, I wish “Ayiti” is never too far from “cheri” …

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