Automotive industry denies that its operations in Mexico are tainted with corruption and bribery

The auto industry denied that its interaction with government and business bodies is clouded by acts of corruption or bribery.

The affirmation of that industry was a response to the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorwhich earlier accused that the sectoral reform in energy matters was approved with bribes committed by companies, mainly from the United States that participate in the Mexican economy.

The exchange of comments between the automotive industry and the federal government occurs in the context of the discussion of the electrical reform initiative promoted by the Mexican president.

Fausto Cuevas, director of the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA), argued that “the industry does not bribe (…) The automotive industry is not an industry that operates with this type of practice.”

This is an industry that does not operate with “bribery” practices, but with arguments and positions, launched. The electricity reform proposal “does not meet to ensure the capacity and supply of clean, sustainable and renewable energy,” he added.

Alberto Bustamante, director of the National Auto Parts Industry (INA)trusted that President López Obrador’s reform initiative will undergo modifications in the coming days in the discussions carried out by the legislature, since “this initiative, as it was presented, is harmful to the automotive sector and we have to avoid capital flight.”

General Motors in Mexico has been one of the lobbyists to prevent the approval of a public monopoly on electricity, since it would go against the investments made by this and other automotive companies that they have made for the transformation of sustainable energy.

The president of the AMDA, Guillermo Rosales, said that the reform promoted in Congress will not be enough to have the capacity to produce electric vehicles or components for electric vehicles, as well as to access their commercialization in countries such as Europe and the state of California, in the United States.

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